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How do you take off half shaft on a dodge lebaron?

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How do you change a half shaft on a 1999 Olds Intrigue?

take it to a mechanic!!

What does a a prop shaft weigh?

About half a stone give or take a few pounds

How do change a rear axle seal on a 84 dodge pick up truck it is a half ton?

drop drive shaft, take u- bolts loose from leaf springs, disconnect brake- lines.

How do take the rear brake drum off a 1988 Mitsubishi pickup?

If you are talking about a canter you need to take the half shaft out

How do you repair the half shaft on a 2000 Dodge Dakota?

you have to take the tire off then remove the cotter pen from the axe nut remove that nut this nut is in the middle of the rotor hit the end of the half shaft with hammer the get lose hit where the nut went next take out there might be a c clip youll need snap ring pliers also you might need to take off the tie rod end to make it easyer to do this take off cotter pin nut and hit the end with hammer

How do you remove the hub and rotor assembly to take out the jack shaft on a 2003 dodge ram 2500 4x4?

a jack shaft is the small drive shaft from transfer case to front differential, brakes have nuthing to do with removal of a jack shaft maybe you mean removal of front axle

Where is the crankshaft on a Vauxhall corsa 2001?

Take the top half of your engine off and there you will see the crank shaft

How do you remove the half shaft from the trans-axle on a 2004 Acura RSX?

Don't waste your time taking out the half shaft. Take the few bolts that are holding the rest of the axle and remove the half shaft with the other part of the axle all together. Its a hundred times easier. That's what we did in my 05 RSX type S. when we pulled the trans. out of the car.

How do you change a half shaft in a '93 Geo Storm?

I hope you have some mechanical ability.You first have to jack up the vehicle.Then take off the tire.Then you have to take off the big nut on the half shaft( in the middle of the rotor).Then take off the bolt for the ball joint(on the back side of wheel spindel).Then used a seperateing for to separate the ball joint from the spindel.Then pry down the ball joint and swing the spindel out of the socket.Then take the end of the half shaft out of the spindel.Then take a pry bar and put it between the half shaft and the tranaxle.It may take some force to break it free.Then take the new axle and insert it into the tranaxle(make sure you feel it click into place.After that it's just a matter of reversing the process.Good luck.Let me know how it goes.Hope that helped

How can you tell if the crank shaft pulley is broke in a 2000 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 liter 6v engine?

Take It Off Amd Inspect It.

What gas does a Chrysler LeBaron take?

Regular unleaded.

How do you know if your Lexus Rx330 2004 model is AWD?

Look under the vehicle. If there is a drive shaft going from the front half of the vehicle to the back half of the vehicle then it is AWD. If no drive shaft then it is FWD. If you're still not sure after looking at it take it to a shop, they will tell you for free.

1997 dodge neon will not go in reverse?

Your drive shaft probably snapped in a pivot you'll have to take it off and look at it that happens on derby cars alot..

How to take shaft distributor off?

on a 3.1 at the bottom of the shaft there is a pin you knock it out then push the shaft out the top

How do you take out the motor of a convertible?

i need to learn how to take out my 1995 Chrysler lebaron convertible motor

How many hours to replace a CV shaft on 1994 cavalier?

replacing both half shafts will take about 6 hours, if you have never done it before.

How many hours to replace Toyota right cv half shaft?

If you know what you are doing it shouldnt take any longer than a couple hours!

How long does it take to replace a hub on a 2001 Dodge Durango?

i got whole spindle on in less than hour and half

How do you replace a convertible top on a 1993 LeBaron?

Take it to a professional. This is not a DIY job.

What type of transmission fluid does a 1994 Chrysler LeBaron take?

Always use ATF3 or ATF4. Any other type of fluid in a Lebaron transmission will shorten the lifespan of the transmission.

I need to replace a rear differential seal on an 1989 dodge d100 Any suggestions?

Replacing a rear differential seal is easy. All you have to do is unbolt the shaft and take out the old seal.

How do you change the rear speakers on a 1985 Chrysler Lebaron coupe?

If its anything like my 88 lebaron convertible on the inside your going to have to take out the trim on the floor by the door and then take off the whole side panel in the back seat...a pain!

What would win in a half mile race a nintyeight Mitsubishi montaro sport or a nintysix dodge ram 1500?

i think the montaro would take on the dodge but most likely keep up

How long would it take approximately to replace the timing chain on a 1997 Chrysler lebaron?

The last Chrysler LeBaron was in 1995. Both engines available that year had timing belts.The last Chrysler LeBaron was in 1995. Both engines available that year had timing belts.

How do you take the center supporter off the front drive shaft?

You have to remove the drive shaft and take to to a machine shop. It has to be pressed off Rob