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i need more detail on what exactly you want to remove

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Q: How do you take off the suspension on a 1990 Toyota Supra?
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What tool reaches bolt to take off starter on '86 Toyota supra?

a vibrator

How do you change the AC and heater blower and relay in my 1990 Toyota Supra non-turbo?

hi my ac radiator went on my 89 Toyota supra turbo and well urmm the mechanic had to take all the dash board out all the way back so you could see the engine from inside the cockpit! so it will probably be the same it will be a bit of a get to do

How do you replace fuel filter on 1990 toyota corolla?

take it to a garage

How do you change spark plugs on 1987 Toyota Supra 7M-GTE?

if you have ignition coils you have to remove them and the intake tube (3000) then you can take the spark plugs out

How do you change the throttle position sensor on a 1990 Toyota 22re engine?

take it to the crusher

How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1990 Toyota Celica?

Take out the headlight is the easiest way!

My reverse went out in my 1990 Toyota SR5 how do i fix it?

Find a trans shop, or a Toyota tech. Or you could get a manual and follow the diag for no reverse. You probably will need to take the trans out, take it apart and find out what broke.

How long does it take to remove and replace a tranie on a 1990 Toyota Camry automatic transmission?

im a Toyota tech. in a fully equipt garage it should take about 3-4 hours. you will probably be charged about 8 hours flat rate

How many quarts does a 1990 Toyota Camry v6 le take?

If you are asking about engine oil, with a filter change about 5 qts

How do you fix your 1987 supra?

Take out the 7M and put a JZ engine in it.

Do you need an impact to take off the nut off a 1990 Toyota Corolla front axle?

It would be easiest with an impact, but a breaker bar may work.

Front Suspension diagram for 1995 jeep Cherokee?

how do I take apart the front suspension for the jounce bumper

What is the tire size for a 1990 Toyota pickup?

It depends upon what model you have. If you have the 2wd, you'll probably be running 225x75r15. Those are also run on the non-offroad editions of the 4wd models. The TRD offroad package sits up a bit more and usually runs 31x10.50r15. This is all with no suspension or body lift-if that's the case, someone will have to take a look for you.

How do you update a Toyota GPS?

Take your Toyota to your dealer and they can update it for you.

What is a bagged truck?

I would take that to be that the suspension springs have been removed and replaced with an air bag suspension system.

Why might the battery on a 1990 Toyota Camry not turn over or hold a charge?

Take it to auto zone and have it checked out free. If it is good it could have a short pulling it down.

Where is the engine knock sensor on a 1990 Toyota 4runner?

It is in the trough below the EGR and intake manifold alongside the water bypass tube. Be careful with it if you take it out as they appear to be expensive.

Why would a MKIV Supra not get a spark at the plugs?

Take it to the garage. Text equipment is needed to diagnoise it.

How do you deprogram ibox supra LOCK BOX?

You will need to take the box into your local board to have them deprogrammed it for you.

What can you do to get more horse power out of your 1988 Toyota supra?

change the stock air filter to a cold air k&n or otherwise after market intake system. take it to a machine shop and have it bored out. Or maybe just get a bigger turbo it's slightly up to you

How often do you take cholestyramine for oral suspension for diarrhea?

I take it once in the morning.

How do you replace the alernator in a 2007 Toyota Corolla?

Take it to a Toyota workshop

Will removing thermostat of Toyota supra 1991 cause problems?

It will take longer to warm up, it will prob never get up to temp when its cool, it wont cool as well at high speeds like on the freeway, your gas mileage will go down a little, and you have little to no heat, but it will run.

What does suspended indefinitely mean?

It means that the period of suspension has no assigned end, at this time. The suspension will continue until the suspending authority decides that it is over. It may be that there is a set schedule for them to review the suspension, or there may be some action you need to take to resolve the suspension.

What are the release dates for You Take the Kids - 1990?

You Take the Kids - 1990 was released on: USA: 15 December 1990