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How do you take out broken bolt from break pad of Honda accord?

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2006-08-20 02:43:19

I suppose it depends which one. Without being able to actually

see the situation it is hard for me to advise. If youe are

referring to one of the two long bolts which actually hold the

calliper in place, this may be tricky. There are things known as

easi-outs or they may be named differently elsewhere. These

objuects have a reverse thread thing going on, you drill the

appropriate size hole into the head of the bolt and screw this

thing in anticlockwise, if you have succeeded in drilling the

correct sized hole at a suitable depth, the easi-out should bite

into the metal of the bolt and allow you to unscrew it. This answer

may be wholly unsuitable for your situation as I need to visualise

the predicament.

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