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Post the year, make and model of the vehicle (in new question) and one of us can tell you if it is negative or positive ground.

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โˆ™ 2011-06-01 11:48:02
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โˆ™ 2020-04-24 15:48:57

MY VEHICLE IS Ford Fiesta AUTO, year 2016. could you please tell me,

is it negative or positive-ground

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โˆ™ 2020-04-24 16:00:28

My vehicle is a 1997 Ford Fiesta. Is it negative-ground or is positive-ground?

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Q: How do you tell if a car has a negative or positive system?
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What happens when you put negative on positive in a car?

You will damage the electrical system of the car

How do you tell a positive wire from a negative wire on a car?

On the car battery, the positive wire is red and the negative wire is black. If the body of the car is metal or conducts electricity, then the body of the car serves as the negative wire. The metal in the engine serves as the negative wire.

How do you tell the difference in negative and positive cables on a car battery?

If you have a post battery(the cable attaches from the top) the positive post is larger than the negative.

Does positive go to ground in a car battery?

NO! positive is red and black is negative negative is grounded to the frame of the car, and positive goes to the electrical components.

Which is the positive and negative on a car cigaret adapter?

The center is the positive.

Can you connect negative to negative in jumping your car?

If you want to jump start your car, connecting negative to negative and positive to positive is the only way to do it. Connecting negative to positive will result in extensive damages to the electric systems of both cars.

How do you know if a car has a negative or positive grounded battery?

Find the cable that is connected directly to the frame or sub-frame of the car. If it is red, then Positive is ground; If it is black, then Negative is ground. More than likely (but not in all cases) the electrical system is Negative ground.

When a car has two batteries how do you connect the second one?

You conect them in parelell. Positive to positive, negative to negative, with either a 12 or 6 volt system. if you conect them in series you will double the voltage.

How do you tell which side of the car battery is positive?

It is almost always imprinted on the battery next to the posts. If not the positive + post is slightly larger than the negative - post.

Which way does the current flow in a car?

The current flow is from positive to negative whereas electron flow is from negative to positive.

On a car battery which terminal is positive which is negative?

Positive is either red or has a "+" symbol.

Is a 1991 Lincoln town car positive or negative grounded?

Negative ground

What colour is positive and neg in a car?

Normally Positive (+) is RED and Negative (-) is Black.

What can i do if iconnect a negative battery terminal to a positive on a Isuzu rodeo?

Cause the battery to explode or damage the electrical system in the car.

Why does your car battery spark when you attach the negative cable after you attached the positive first?

A small spark is normal, it is energizing the system.

Can you join batteries to make RC last longer?

You could put them in parallel--wire positive to positive, negative to negative, then connect the positive and negative wires to the car. This would give you twice the current capacity, and you'd be okay because the car's only going to take as much power as it needs. If you wired them in series--positive on the first battery to the car, negative on the first battery to positive on the second, negative on the second battery to the car--you'd double the voltage and burn the car out.

Does air friction do positive negative or zero work on your car when you are coasting?

negative work

Is the plus the positive or negative on a car battery?

The "+" sign is used to mark the positive post.

When a car's velocity is positive and its acceleration is negative what is happening to the car's motion?

The car is slowing down

Do you jumpstart a 2001 mercury sable just like any other car?

yes you can jumpstart any car. Just hook the positive up to the positive and the negative to the negative

Why most car bodies are attached to the negative terminal of the battery?

The DC electrical system of the car requires a positive and negative electrical conductors for each electrical device. Taking the example of a single lightbulb powered by the car battery, this could require a wire leading from the positive terminal of the battery to one terminal on the lightbulb and a second (return) wire leading from the other terminal on the lightbulb back to the negative terminal on the battery. Two wires are required - a positive and negative. To reduce the quantity of wires required, the negative "wire" is actually the car body. Hence there is a positive wire leading from the positive terminal of the battery to the positive terminal of each electrical device on the car and the negative terminal of each electrical device on the car is connected to the car body (a metal conductor). The body of the car is then connected to the negative terminal of the battery, completing the circuit. There are virtually no return wires. This works as cars use a low voltage (12 V). If they used a higher voltage, this system could result in electric shock from touching the car body.

Do you connect a compressor's positive or negative lead to a car battery first?

Posittive first then the negative

A object that is slowing down but has a positive acceleration?

If an object is moving in a negative direction, but with positive acceleration. For example: Backing up a car, while coming to a stop. The car is moving in a relative negative direction(back of car), while the acceleration is in the positive direction(front of car).

Can a car have negative velocity and positive acceleration at the same time if traveling on a highway?

Yes.If the car is backing up, but slowing down, then its velocity is in the negative direction, and its acceleration is in the positive direction.

How are car and flashlight batteries the same?

By there positive and negative connectors and there acid.