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You will probably end up having to replace the belt as I don't think there is a way to tighten it.

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Q: How do you tighten the retractor on a 92 olds cutlass supreme convertible seat belt?
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How do you change the lower intake gasket on a 95 Olds Cutlass Supreme 3.4DOHC?

Remove the 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass intake manifold retaining bolts. The manifold will come off. Remove the old gasket. Clean the surface. Put the new intake gasket and tighten the intake manifold retaining bolts.

Do you need to know what the torque would be to find out if the idler tension pulley has to be torqued when you install the serpentine belt on a 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?

there is not a specific torque for the idler pully. tighten it up with a ratchet and it will not loosen up

97 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme tighten the belt tensinor?

Belt tensioner is not adjustable. Assembly is spring loaded, spring can loose tension. If belt stretches or is too long (wrong part) then .... (There are marks on assembly to indicate proper tension.)

Can you tighten a harmonic balancer to tight on a Oldsmobile cutlass?

You can tighten ANYTHING too tight. EVERY bolt and screw has a specific torque specification. Look up what the torque specs are for the balancer bolt on your engine and tighten it to the specification.

Installing belts in 99 Oldsmobile Cutlass?

Begin by loosening the tensioner pulley on your 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Put your serpentine belt around the pulleys. Tighten the serpentine belt with the tensioner pulley.

How do you tighten an alternator belt for a 1992 olds moblie cutlass supreme?

You don't. It's a serpentine belt.....meaning one belt to run all accessories. There is an idler pulley that takes up slack and keeps the belt tight automatically. These do go bad sometimes. If so, you'll need to remove and replace it.

Where are the torque bolts on a 1993 Olds Cutlass?

Torque is not the type of bolt but a type of wrench used to tighten bolts. A torque wrench will tell you how tight a bolt is tightened like 60lb of torque or tighten to 80lb of torque so a bolt will be tight enough to stay in but not too tight that you strip the bolt.

How do you adjust convertible tops on a 2002 Chrysler Sebring convertible?

you have to remove the rear seat than the seat belt bracket and than the seat back after that you have to remove the rear panels whwre the speakers are after all that is off there are three bolts 13mm I believe loosen them close your top and tighten bolts with top latched.

How do you tighten the rear view mirror on a Chrysler Le Baron 1994 convertible?

Pop off the plastic cover on the back of the mirror. Then release the mirror by sliding the mirror forward. Then you can see the mirror bracket and the loose screws. Tighten the screws and replace the mirror. It takes about 2 seconds when you know what your looking for!

How do you install alternator belt on a 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?

Loosen all the bolts on the alternator and push down on the alternator and the belt will be loose and you can take it off, to reinstall you put new belt around the water pump and crank pulleys and then put it over the alternator pulley and pull up on the alternator and tighten the bolts back up and you should have a 1/2 " play in the belt when you push down on it, if you have more than that you need to unloosen alternator bolts again and pry the alternator up with a large screwdriver and re-tighten the bolts again and recheck.

How do you tighten the steering?

To tighten the steering you just tighten the nut under it and then your done. NICE

How do you spell tighten?

The spelling "tighten" is correct.

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