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Get a shop manual at AUTOBOOKSONLINE.COM. They have check out charts etc. this is especially important if you intend to do a lot of work on your car and don't want to mess something up.

Just to save you some time... Just go buy a used one for $150-$200.Don't attempt to repair it, you are most likely just wasting your time.

The D series distributors are considered a weak link in the Honda world. The most common problem in these is the ignition module inside the distributor. Honda mechanics often call it an igniter. Remove the cap and rotor button first, followed by the dust cover. The igniter has four wires running into it and can be removed by taking out the two screws running through the distributor housing. They are usually located towards the bottom. Make sure the battery is disconected before removing any of the wires connected to it. This part usually sells for around ninety dollars at your local dealership. Don't buy one from a discount parts house, they're worthless. Also, most Honda techs will recomend replacing the coil too because these two parts often fail at the same time or one going bad will also cause the other to fail. Of course you should make sure the spark plugs and wires are good first, and that the engine ground cables are attached and not corroded. I'm assuming you have already done this. good luck.

You need to replace the electronic ignition coil located inside the distributor. maybe your coil is already busted.

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Q: How do you troubleshoot the distributor system on a 1995 Honda Civic which is not producing spark?
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