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How far is it from the UK to the US?

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From London, England to New York City, New York the total distance is: approx. 3460 Miles (5580 Kilometers)

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How far apart are the UK and US?

5,000 miles

How far from England to the US?

It is about 4,000 miles from the UK to the USA.

How far is Birmingham from Glasgow?

Assuming UK not US, 290 miles

What is the age to see new moon in cinema in UK?

uk?! I live FAR from uk, missy! but itz PG-13 in the US :) hehehe

Can you use a ds lite bought in UK in the US?

as far as i know yes

Can you use a US Xbox in UK?

As far as I know yes, but the UK games might not work for it. that's how it was with my old gamecube but I've yet to try it with an Xbox.

How far does cocoa travel to be used in the UK?

how far does cocoa have to be transported before it reaches the uk

Which country is richer Spain or the UK?

UK, by far

How far is Europe to the UK?

The UK is part of Europe.

Is the UK Northwest of the US?

No, the UK is East of the US.

Is the US united with the UK?

No the US is not united UK.

Who is Get Far?

Get Far is Mario Fargetta, a dj from UK.

What is the difference between the US and the UK?

The US and UK are two different countries. The US is the United States of America, and the UK is the United Kingdom.The UK colonized the US into what it is now.

How far is India from the UK?

India is about 4500 miles from the UK.

How far is UK from Ireland?

The UK shares a border with Ireland.

How far is London UK from York UK?

207 miles

How far is Belfast UK to London UK?

438.1 Miles

How far is Cornwall UK from Manchester UK?

296.3 Miles

How far is it from London UK to Cambridge UK?

About 70 miles

How far is it from Windsor UK to London UK?

About 30 miles

Is this a UK number 18022878128?

As far as I know, it is not an UK number.

How far from Glastonbury UK is Shrewsbury UK?

About 170 miles.

How far is Nigeria from the UK?

== ==

How far does cocoa have to be transported before it reaches the UK?

how far does cocoa beans have to travel till it reaches the UK

Are us Wii games compatible in the UK?

No, because the US and the UK are in different regions UK-Pal US-NTSC.