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How long must you attend a medical school to become a brain surgeon?


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7-10 years after high school.


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If one is interested in becoming a reconstructive surgeon, he or she will be required to attend a four year university, then attend medical school and earn their doctorate. After this, one may then apply to become a reconstructive surgeon.

Attend college, then medical school ... should take, oh about, 13 years or longer since you want to be a surgeon, too.

Yes, you can become a Surgeon at Berkeley University. Any college that has a Medical School usually give you the opportunity to become a Surgeon.

You must graduate with your bachelor's from a university, take the MCAT and apply to medical school, get accepted and attend and then you may do your residency & then you may practice on your own as a surgeon.

Yes, after finishing medical school.

For a person to become a surgeon one must obtain a bachelors degree and then apply to medical school. Through medical school one specializes in a specialty. To be a surgeon more specialty training to required post medical school.

to become a surgeon you need, 4 years of undergraduate school, 4 years of medical school, and 4-8 years of specialized residency training.

It takes 7 - 12 yrs to become a oral surgeon, it depends which school or hospital you go to.

Because you can't get into medical school without a high school dimploma

Duke University in North Carolina is a great school. to be in Medical School for about seven years or so.LOL.I want to be a surgeon.How about you?:)

8 years after high school and 4 years after college.

Law school is not required to be a psychologist. You have to attend medical school for that.

Becoming a neurosurgeon requires more than just experience. You will need to attend medical school for four years?æand then attend for at least another two years to four years for surgeon training.?æ

You first have to attend medical school to become a medical doctor, then you must study the specialty of gynecology

After finishing your school you enter a medical school for 6 years and pass the qualifying examination. You then spend another 7 years training as an Intern and Resident and complete your Fellowship to become a General surgeon

No, medical school is specific for human physicians. To study to become a veterinarian, you would need to attend a school of veterinary medicine.

After Medical school there is additional course work to obtain the certification as a plastic surgeon. So we are talking over eight years after high school. And the internship associated with the medical degree and the certification.

an OBGYN needs to attend medical school and get a residency in Gynecology.

The answer to this question is an obvious one. Yes, in order to become a surgeon you have to go through 4 years of medical training through an accredited medical school. Morehouse medical school is an accredited school. Thereafter you receive your medical education. You can then apply for residency in a specialized are such as ob/gun residencies. Every specialized area does have some form of think about what your interest are.

To become a doctor, you have to attend medical school, which is a post-graduate school. You can attend medical school after having obtained any bachelor's degree, but about half of all those who attend medical school major in one of the biological sciences (Bio, Microbiology, Physiology, Zoology, etc.), Biochemistry, or Biomedical Engineering.bitches only be go there

In order to become a cytopathologist you must first go to college and then attend medical school. After completing medical school you must complete a residency program that specializes in Cytopathology.

4 collage 4 medical school 3 to 6 residency

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