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How many Amendments have been proposed officially by Congress but never ratified?


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May 24, 2010 2:26PM

Six Amendments have been proposed by Congress but never gained enough States' votes to be ratified. They are:

  1. #1 of the first twelve amendments passed, laying out a formula for representation in Congress (ten of these passed immediately & became known as the "Bill of Rights", one other finally passed as the most recent - 27th -amendment)
  2. outlawing titles of nobility (1800)
  3. one

    guaranteeing the federal govt would not interfere with slavery in the states (1861, the 'original 13th amendment' - was meant to simply restate the current understanding of the Constitution, that only states themselves could outlaw slavery, as an attempt to bring back recently seceded Southern states)

  4. giving the Federal Government control over child labor laws (1924)
  5. The Equal Rights Amendment (first proposed in 1923, passed Congress in 1972 with an express deadline for ratification, which it failed to meet)
  6. one to give Washington DC full representation in the House and Senate (1978, expired in 1985)