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dissolve 26.075g KCL and make final volume 100ml. The final product will be 3.5M solution of Kcl

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how many grams of calcium nitrate are needed to make a 500ml volume of a .5 molar solution

HCl has a molar mass of 36.461 grams per mole. This means that 72.922 grams of HCl are needed per liter of water to make a solution that has a concentration of 2M.

More than 91 grams of potassium nitrate for 100 mL water.

7.5 grams are needed because each milliliter is 1.50 grams, to get 5.00 mls, the calculation would be 5x1.50=7.5.

Molarity = moles of solute/Liters of solution 3 M KBr = moles KBr/1 liter = 3 moles KBr (119 grams/1 mole KBr) = 357 grams needed

Put 100 grams in a beaker and and around 500 mls of water until it dissolves, then top up the beaker to a liter. That is your 10% solution. The percentage solution is a ratio of the weight of the compound to the weight of the final solution.

How many grams of KHP are needed to exactly neutralize 36.7 mL of a 0.328 M barium hydroxidesolution

It depends how strong a solution you want to make. The molecular mass of NaCl is 58.44, so for a 1 molar solution you would dissolve 58.44 grams in water and make the volume up to 1 litre. For a 0.1 mol solution you'd take 5.844g to a litre, and a 2 mol solution you'd take 116.88g to a litre of water.

how many milliliters of 2.25M NaOH is needed to make 125mL of 0.75M NaOH solution

A US pint is 473 grams. - An Imperial pint is 568 grams

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