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Q: How many moles of sodium hydroxide are in a 36.65g sample of NaOH?
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How many moles of sodium hydroxide are in 40 grams of sodium hydroxide?


What is the mass in grams of 25 mol of sodium hydroxide?

It is 25 moles of Sodium Hydroxide (;

How many moles are there in 2.50 moles of sodium?

Sodium in its elemental form is just sodium metal, Na. Thus assuming that the sample of sodium is pure, there are 2.50 moles of sodium in a 2.50mol sample.

How many moles of sodium sulphate can be formed from two moles of sodium hydroxide?

No amount of sodium sulphate can be formed from sodium hydroxide alone, because sodium sulfate contains sulfur and sodium hydroxide does not. By neutralization with sulphuric acid, one formula unit of sodium sulphate can be formed from two moles of sodium hydroxide, according to the equation 2 NaOH + H2SO4 -> Na2SO4 + 2 H2O.

Determine the number of moles of sodium hydroxide produced when 2 moles of sodium and 3 mol of water react to form soduim hydroxide and hydrogen gas?

Na +H2O -> NaOH +(1/2)H2 Every mole of Sodium requires one mole of water to make one mole of Sodium Hydroxide. So two moles of Sodium will produce two moles of Sodium Hydroxide. If there are three moles of water in the initial reaction then there will be one mole of water left over after reacting with two moles of Sodium. This reaction will produce half a mole of hydrogen gas.

What is the balanced equation when iodine reacts with sodium hydroxide?

6NaOH + 3I2 = 5NaI + NaIO3 + 3H2O Six moles of sodium hydroxide and three moles of diatomic iodine yield five moles of sodium iodide, one mole of sodium iodate, and three moles of water. Cheers!

If you have a sample of 4.25 g of strontium hydroxide SrOH2 How many moles of strontium hydroxide are there?

0.0349 mol

How many moles of sodium hydroxide will react with 17 moles of sulfuric acid?

In the acid-base reaction where sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid react, the formula is: H2SO4 + 2NaOH --> Na2SO4 + 2H2O. The coefficients shown are necessary to uphold the law of conservation of mass. So, if you have 17 moles of sulfuric acid, you will need twice as many moles of sodium hydroxide, so the answer is 34 moles NaOH.

How many moles are in 8 grams of sodium hydroxide?

0.2 mol

How many millimoles are in 12g of sodium hydroxide?

The molecular weight of sodium hydroxide is 40g/mol. To get the amount of moles, you have to divide the weight by molecular mass. 12g / 40 is 0.3 moles. This is 300 millimoles.

How many moles of sodium hydroxide will be produced from the complete reaction of 15.0 g sodium?

Sodium reacts with water. 0.652 NaOH moles will form.

You have a sample of 1.25 g of magnesium hydroxide MgOH 2 How many moles of magnesium hydroxide are there?

0.0214 mol