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In the US, 49 percent of total production of electricity

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Q: How much eletricity do coal power stations produce?
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Coal is used as fuel to produce what?

in power stations to produce electricity,,,

What power stations produce CO2?

Coal fired power plants,Petroleum power plants,

How is coal used for fuel?

It's used in power stations to produce electricity.

Are nuclear power stations more efficient than coal power stations?


Why is it not advisable to build more coal power stations?

it is not advisable because the coal will finish more faster and once the coal is finished the power stations will go to waste

Why you should carry on using coal power stations?

We should carry on using coal power stations because we can make them eco-friendly.

Which resources do coal power stations use?

Coal power stations use many different resources as a steam kettle, electrity and turbines.

Plant that burns waste to produce electricity?

Biomass power stations. (Regular power stations that burn coal can easily be converted to burning biomass (vegetation), reducing pollution, just by changing the fuel.)

How many coal power stations are there in the UK?

There are 22 coal power stations in the U.K. Two of them are already closed so there are 20 fully functional coal fed power stations in the U.K. today. List from the United Kingdom Quality Ash Association.

Where in the US is coal used?

Coal is used all over the US in power stations to generate electricity.

Which fuel is used in thermal power stations?


Do you buy power from coal mines?

The coal mines dig up the coal from under the earth. The coal is then sold to whoever wants it. Some industries use coal for power. Coal-fired power stations are a huge buyer of coal. They burn the coal to heat water and use the steam to turn turbines which produce electricity. This electricity is then passed on to Energy Companies who sell the power to us.

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