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How to change the front wheel brake rotors and brake pads for 2001 beetle?

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September 13, 2011 5:32AM

Having this problem with changing rear brake pads on new Beetle. Could not get piston to return to a position that would accomodate the new pads. VW dealer was fat lot of use - said I should loosen the cap on master cylinder reservoir. Have now discovered that there is a special tool - because the piston must be pushed in AND rotated at the same time. Saw pic of tool on - it cost $49, and seems to be usable on most VW and Audi calipers. There is a special nut with two spigots which engage in the slots on the piston surface allowing rotation to be enforced. Looks like you would rotate the piston first and then compress it to required position. Have not bought tool.

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