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If you go underneath, there might be either a large hex or a square that a 3/4inch ratchet will fit. There are two plugs, make sure you take off the top one, the bottom one is to drain it, top to check it of course. it you have something like a cotter pin or a tie strap, bend it and dip part of it in. Be very careful not to drop anything in there! The fluid is a little bit under the check hole, it's fine, if some comes out while checking it, its ok... if lots comes out... either you pulled the wrong plug or it's just over filled. Now, if the color is bright red, it's great, if it's red, it's fine, if it's brownish red, it's passible, if it's brown, you need a tranny service, if it's black..... you should really get your tranny looked at. Haha. .


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Q: How to check manual transmission fluid on a Ford Probe gt?
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