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How to replace the knock sensor in a 2000 Nissan Xterra?


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2010-09-23 13:20:52
2010-09-23 13:20:52

I believe the knock sensor is under the intake manifold requiring it's removal. I have not been able to verify this yet.

If that's the case, be prepared to get giggy with this engine. It's not an easy, logical design, so you might want to take care of some things while you're in deep. For example, the manual calls for the timimg belt to be replaced at 120,000 miles (if memory serves) so you may as well tackle that also.

Xterra Haynes manuals are few and far between. I strongly suggest acquiring either the Haynes or a FSM before getting giggy with this engine.


Eureka! We sucessfully did it another way and saved about $500. (est. from a mechanic to replace with me buying the part.) Go through the front of the engine. We were replacing the time belt etc. anyway.... I have photos showing the 'impossible' too.

We were told that the knock sensor wasnt that big a deal that the truck would still be ok if that was not changed. What we did change was the crankshaft position sensor that was bad. But we are still having the same problem as before when the engine gets hot it wants to cuts out. Would the knock cause that sort of problem?


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Th knock sensor on a 2002 Nissan Xterra 3.3 is located on the top of the engine. It is mounted under the engine intake.

how many gaskets and which ones are needed when you replace the knock sensor on a Nissan frontier w/a 3.3l v6 engine?

Your knock sensor is located undernesth the air intake manifold on top of the engine block. This goes for 2000-2004 xterra V6 3.3L models. Hope this helps.

A knock sensor is located in a specific area on the block or cylinder head in order to sense spark knock occuring and send a signal to the ECM to retard the timing. Relocating the knock sensor would defeat its purpose.

Under the upper and lower intake manifolds at the back of the engine block.

The knock sensor for most Nissan V6 engines is located directly under the intake manifold. So to replace it, you have to remove the intake manifold. Good Luck.

V6 3.3L The sensor is located underneath the air intake manifold on top of the engine block. This should take an experienced mechanic about 3-4 hours to replace.

If just the knock sensor need to be replaced. I would say no more than $150.00

if it is a v6 engine it is located underneath the intake manifold and you have to removed the manifold to replace it. if it is a 4 cylinder it is located on the back side of the engine block below the manifold

the Knock sensor is located behind the Harmonic balancer pulley. on the bottom sidethe sensor is $95.00 remove the lock down screw unplug and replace

the knock sensor is located under the intake manifold, with a flash light you can see it however you have to remove the intake manifold to replace the knock sensor , also you will need to replace the intake gasket set as well!


The knock sensor is located below the intake manifold

The knock sensor is located below the intake manifold

The knock sensor on Nissan 300ZX non-turbo from 1990 thru 1996 is located below the lower intake manifold on the rear of the engine block. To replace the knock sensor the upper and lower intake manifolds need to be removed. It is always best to replace the knock sensor with a new one considering its major dissasembly.

how do I disconnect the Electrical connection on knock sensor

You can find a 1996 Nissan Pathfinder knock sensor picture in most auto repair manuals. Most Nissan dealerships repair centers will provide you with a picture of the sensor.

how you can remove the knock sensor from a 1996 Nissan pathfinder i need a picture

it is underneath the lower intake in the middle of the "valley" on V6 models. between the cylinder heads on the block. pretty big job. the knock sensor WILL NOT turn the check engine light on. it will store a code but NOT turn the light on. (i am a Nissan tech, trust me) it will effect the timing and fuel strategy though.

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how to replace a knock sensor on a 2002 hyundai elantra

The knock sensor is located below the intake manifold

Disconnect the wire from the sensor, use an open ended adjustable wrench to unscrew it. take a new sensor and screw it in. on a different model (if not a standard sensor) there is a nut and bolt holding it in, use the steps above to replace it

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