If the automatic seatbelt on a 91 Mazda MX6 is stuck in its forward position is the motor dead or is there an electrical problem?

BEFORE you try to fix it, look for a RECALL on the part. Most MAZDA automatic belts from 90-94 have a 25-year recall open on the automatic seatbelt rails. If your dealer can find the part, they will change it for free

Hey Zack==It has to be checked out to see what went wrong. GoodluckJoe

You have to investigate, it could be a few different things. I would try shaking where the seatbelt goes on the track to see if it starts moving. Or press the red button to disengage the seatbelt to see if that triggers it.

The seat belt motor sits right behind the door. If you want to get to the motor, you have to take off the side panel in the backseat. You can try moving those wires to see if there is a short.

There is also a black box that sits under the passenger seat and is bolted to the floor. Not the box that is bolted to the bottom of the passenger seat, that is the amp. Check the connections to that.

You can also mess with the door latch and see if it triggers the seat belt to move forward.

What I did is I just went to a junk yard and bought the motor, the track that goes over the door that the seat belt travels along and the little black box under the passenger seat all at once. All this cost $45. It was easier to do this than to find the short.