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check the heater core stopped up radiator

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Q: If the water pump and thermostat have been changed and there are also no leaks in the hoses or radiator and your vehicle still overheats what is the problem?
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Is the thermostat the problem when my 1998 Pontiac transport overheats and the top radiator hose isn''t getting hot and the heater blows cold air?

It could be the thermostat. Open up the radiator cap when it is hot and see if the water is flowing in the radiator. If it is not then it may be a thermostat.

How can you tell wheather the radiator or the thermostat is not working because my car has a very serious problem with it overheating?

Take your thermostat out and put everything back together, run your car without a thermostat... If your car no longer overheats, replace your thermostat.

Golf 4 gti overheats but radiator stays coolwhat could be the problem?

Your thermostat is stuck closed. you will need to replace it. The thermostat controls the circulation through the radiator - when the engine heats up the thermostat is meant to switch circulation from just-engine to engine+radiator. Sounds like this isn't happening.

Your 2000 nisaan frontier overheats with a new thermostat when you use your ac?

check your radiator. is it clean or does it need to be replaced? a simple cleaning cured my problem.

What could still be the problem changed the heater core and thermostat flushed system to get all the air pockets out and it still overheats?

water pump

You have change your thermostat radiator and cap but water does not seem to circulate right your 2000 Dodge Intrepid still overheats what can be the problem sorry I changed the water pump as well.?

Check that the coolant fans are still working, then check out the water pump.

Your kia Rio overheats and blows out cold air you changed the thermostat But still have the problem?

You have not bleed the air out of the system after you installed the t-stat, causing the heater not to work and the engine to overheat. Use a coolant filler that screws into the radiator and get the air out

95 cavalier overheats new water pump new head gasket fan works what is the problem?

did you try replaceing the thermostat or radiator or even check the hoses

Your 1992 Ford Thunderbird overheats when you use your air conditioner what could be the problem?

Most likely it is a bad thermostat. The switch on the radiator fan could also have failed.

Why does a 1992 dodge stealth overheats while driving sixty?

check you water (coolant) level, make sure thermostat is working, radiator leaks, sensor problem

1997 sebring convertable that overheats even when the thermostat taken out Need to turn hot air on high to cool it Can anyone please tell you what problem you should be looking for?

Removing the thermostat can actually make an overheating problem worse. I would check the radiator fan.

96 Ford Windstar has overheating problems but the radiator and thermostat is fine after a few miles it overheats and smoke comes from the air intake what is the problem?

Could be the water pump is not working properly.

96 Saturn and you changed the water pump and thermostat and it has a over heating problem you put coolant in and you get no heat but it overheats how can you solve this?

Change the thermostat. lol. Simple but the water pump wont work if the thermostat is stuck closed. Good luck. Kyle

If you just replaced your radiator and thermostat but your 2000 jeep grand Cherokee still overheats what could be the problem?

dose the electric fan run if not check the relay if it runs check the water pump

Replaced water pump radiator thermostat and head gaskets and had heads reworked it still overheats No air in system Got any ideas 1996 Subaru Legacy?

Try taking the thermostat out completely, then see if it still overheats. If so, your only other problem has to be a bubble in the system and it needs to be burped. Took me about an hour to get a stubborn air bubble out!

I had the thermostat radiator cap and radiator replaced on a 2001 Mitsubishi galant and it still overheats sitting at idle and while driving Any ideas on what the problem is?

have the engine timing checked. if the timing is wrong the engine will overheat, are you loosing coolant?is the fan working, is the water pump working?

What causes radiator boil over in 1998 blazer?

it has a cracked head The above answer would be an extreme condition to cause this problem. Usually a car overheats because of either low coolant level or a stuck or bad thermostat.

You replaced the thermostat in your 2001 Chevy venture but the van is still overheating the top radiator hose is hard and hot to the touch like the thermostat is not opening up please advise?

The top radiator hose is above the thermostat. If the top radiator hose is hot, the thermostat is opening. The thermostat is not the problem. Perhaps the radiator is clogged up or the water pump is bad. Look elsewhere.

2004 Monte Carlo overheats radiator replaced cooling sensor replaced cooling system flushed fans replaced thermostat replaced any suggestions on fixing problem?

you might want to check for a blown head gasket or a cracked head or block. espically if it loosing water out of the radiator with out leaking on the ground.

Cadillac 1996 deville overheats driving fast?

when overheating occurs at highway speeds the cause is usually. a radiator or coolant circulation problem, Check for a restricted or clogged radiator.

When My vauxhall frontera overheats with thermostat in place when i take the thermostat out it runs normal would you say that the thermostat is not opening?

Absolutely. I would definitely replace this. You can check this by making sure that when you remove the thermostat it is cold and then dropping the thermostat into a bowl of boiling hot water and see if it reacts..... if it doesn't then that's the problem! If it does then flush the coolant system through with some radiator flush and then flush through with clean water before renewing antifreeze and water.

How do you know if your car needs a new thermostat?

If your radiator isnt leaking and car is having a over heating problem and coolant spewing out. Chances are your thermostat needs replaced. possible the radiator needs to be flushed. But more likley its thermostat

Why a car overheats when driving but cools at idle?

check your fluids it is probably low on antifreeze and if it still does it change your thermostat that should fix the problem

You have changed the thermostat but your 1997 ford contour is still overheating What could the problem be?

Radiator plugged or restricted? Cooling system airbound? Water pump not circulating coolant? Radiator cap defective? Radiator hoses collapsing under pressure? Defective gauge/cooling temperature sensor?

Your 1997 sc1 Saturn is overheating what do you do?

It depends on the condition in which the vehicle overheats.If it only overheats when you're in traffic or at a stoplight, the problem MAY be that the radiator fan isn't working properly.If it overheats when you're on the highway or under normal driving conditions, it COULD be any of the following:Thermostat. A sticking thermostat can either stick closed, in which case the engine will overheat immediately or it can stick open, preventing the engine from heating up to normal operating temperature. Sometimes a thermostat will sometimes stick open and sometimes stick closed.Radiator. A blocked radiator will cause an engine to overheat rather quickly. A '97 is old enough that the radiator can be blocked internally, especially if the coolant has not been properly maintained.Water pump. If the vanes of the water pump have worn out the pump may not be able to move enough coolant to keep the engine cool.Head gasket. If the engine has EVER been significantly overheated it could have damaged the head gasket. A damaged head gasket usually causes the coolant to blow out the coolant overflow.Cooling fan. A cooling fan problem can be caused by either an electrical problem (sensor, fuse, switch...) or a faulty fan motor.If the problem is a bad thermostat, replace it with a new one.If the problem is a blocked radiator, you CAN take it to a qualified radiator shop and they can often clean it for you.If the problem is a worn water pump, the only solution is to replace the water pump.If the problem is a faulty head gasket, you'll need to have the head removed, resurfaced and replace the head gasket.If the problem is the cooling fan, you'll need someone to trace down the exact nature of the problem.