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Don't try so hard! There is one in every bunch, so let them be. Here's a secret I use: If they look your way look them firmly in the eyes AND DON'T SMILE! Don't say hi, don't give them the time of day. If they ask you a question answer it and be on your way. By doing this it makes them curious and they will usually come to you and if they don't ... who needs it! Have patience. Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-11-22 10:01:13
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Q: If work colleagues ganged up and ignore you at work what would be the best way to start up a conversation or get their attention?
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What happens when you ignore someone?

It depends on the person. Some people give up when you ignore them, and go somewhere else for a relationship or conversation. Other people try harder to get your attention when you ignore them. Still others don't even notice you're ignoring them because they are only paying attention to themselves.

What does ignore mean?

To not pay attention to.

How do you ignore people you dont like besides not talking to them?

To ignore people means to pay them no attention, so by not talking with them and avoiding them, you are paying them no attention.

Why do narcissists want your attention then ignore you when they get it?

Because that's all they wanted in the first place - your attention. They will ignore you untill they want some more.

How do you make your boyfriend pay attention to you?

Ignore him

Should I ignore the man I love so he'll pay attention?

No that's the worse thing you can do. Dont ignore him but try to get his attention flirt with him and let him now your flirting

What happens if you ignore a girl?

She will become interested in why you ignored her. You will get her attention.

How can you ignore a boy but still be nice?

a very difficult question but it is not necessary to pay attention to all, specially in that case when you have no concern to him or to ignore him pay attention to those which are best rather than nice.

How can you tell if a boy likes you or doesnt want you to talk to him?

If a boy likes you as a friend, he will stay around whenever you engage him in conversation, but if he doesnt like you he will likely ignore you, or cut any type of conversation short. if he likes you more than a friend he may pay close attention and try to start and hold conversations with you.

How can you get rid of an annoying kid?

Ignore him/her. Most likely they want attention and when you ignore them they will move on. Do not say anything or respond in any form to what they do.

Why do boys copy what you say?

Immature boys do this to get your attention. Ignore them.

Why do guys ignore girls when they find out they like them?

Because guys tend to believe that they will get more attention (from those girls who like them), when they ignore girls who like them

Why does he ignore your texts?

You see, sometimes guys don't feel like answering or starting a conversation. Either there relaxing and ignore, or "don't hear it" but don't worry, he still loves you.

A guy in my local cafe always stares at me but he won't start a conversation what do I do?

Either speak to him or ignore him and forget it.

In work you male colleagues are polite and say hello but on work nights out they completely ignore you. Why?

boys are boys no one really knows what is going on in their brain

How do you deal with a prima Donna?

The best way to deal with a Prima Donna is to ignore her. She is looking for attention and things to go her way, so if you ignore her, she doesn't get what she wants.

Does the narcissist miss me if i ignore him?

Yes, he will miss your undivided attention, your love. He will not miss you as person.

Why do guys ignore?

to be ignorant, attention, but sometimes/mostly because they like you and they are playing "mad"

Why does girl ignore you?

if a girl ignores u and doesn,t ignore any other guy this straight forward means that she likes u and does,nt wanna tell. to get her attention just ignore her for 2-3 days. that's all. and if still u dont get her attention don't be depressed just get crush on new girl

How do you ignore guys when they talk to you without being rude?

smile politely and remain quiet or appear to have no interest in the conversation.

Why do guys tease and ignore you when they like you?

Because they're trying to get your attention, and aren't good at dealing with their feelings properly. if they ignore you then they probably are too shy to talk to you or be near you

Give you a sentence on exhibitionist?

An exhibitionist just wants attention. He's such an exhibitionist; just ignore him!

What is the definition of emulate what is good ignore what is bad?

Be like what is good and don't pay attention to what is bad.

What is the best way to handle taunting and provoking ignore it or kill it with kindness?

I would say, if the person is taunting and provoking just to get attention (because to some people negative attention is better then no attention) - ignore it. If a person is taunting and provoking just to be mean or instill fear or just to plain irritate you - I would ley it back fire and kill them with kindness.

How do you know if a stranger likes you?

1) well if they are in a deep conversation with someone when you enter the room, they come straight over to you and start taking and ignore everyone else. 2) they flirt with you. 3) they try to make eye contact often. 4) give you the eyes. 5) trying to get your attention.