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It would depend on why they are sueing you and also what the disposition of the bankruptcy is.

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Q: If you are being sued as a cosigner on a repossessed car for a bankrupt limo co in NJ will this lawsuit follow you if you move to a different state?
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What can a cosigner do after a car is repossessed Can they sue the primary signer?

Seems pointless to even consider. If the primary signer didn't have enough funds to make the car payments, they probably will not have enough funds to pay any lawsuit you charge them with. Fact is, if the primary signer defaulted on payments, then the cosigner would be responsible for making them - If repossession occured, then it was due to the fault of the cosigner .. can't sue yourself.

How do you take a car from the owner if you are a cosigner?

Unless you are also on the title you will need to do it through a lawsuit.

What are the rights of borrowers when the cosigner is considering a lawsuit to force them to take a second mortgage so the cosigner can recover money paid because the mortgage was defaulted on?

The cosigner has the right to file a lawsuit against the primary borrower's to recover his or her financial losses due to the defaulted lending agreement. The procurement of a second mortgage does not seem viable if the primary borrower's credit was not originally sufficient for them to obtain the loan without the need of a cosigner. It is more likely the house will have to be forfeited by means of foreclosure and the cosigner will have to try to recover losses by other means. The primary borrower's best choice is to obtain legal advice as to what their options are before a lawsuit is filed against them.

Can your wages be garnished for a vehicle that was repossessed 7 years ago?

A creditor cannot garnish your wages unless they file a lawsuit and obtained a judgment against you. The time deadline to file a lawsuit will vary by state.

Can a lawsuit against a defendant be filed in a different county?

The court where the lawsuit is filed must have jurisdiction. One of the persons in the lawsuit must either reside there, or the cause of the lawsuit had to occur there.

What rights does a cosigner have to gain possession of the vehicle if he paid off the loan without your knowledge and the title is in your name only?

If a cosigner's name is not on the title they have no legal claim to the vehicle. They can file a lawsuit against the primary borrower to recover money that they contributed towards the paying of the loan.

What judgment must be entered for a cosigner to begin a lawsuit against the primary borrower?

There is a bit of confusing concerning the terminology used in the question. A judgment writ is issued to the plaintiff if the lawsuit is won. The judgment can then be executed pursuant to state statutes. The process of filing a lawsuit can begin by contacting the clerk or the administrator of the court of jurisdiction or by retaining legal representation.

If the cosigner sues the primary and the primary has never defaulted on the loan will they be likely to win?

If the cosigner has not been financially impacted by the actions of the primary borrower, then there is not valid grounds for a lawsuit. This does not mean the suit could not be brought, but the plaintiff would be wasting time and money as a judgment cannot be awarded where damages have not occurred.

How do you file a lawsuit against someone in a different state?

see a lawyer

Can a civil lawsuit derive from a family lawsuit case?

A family lawsuit is a civil lawsuit. Other lawsuits can arise from the original lawsuit- cross complaints and countersuits.A family lawsuit is a civil lawsuit. Other lawsuits can arise from the original lawsuit- cross complaints and countersuits.A family lawsuit is a civil lawsuit. Other lawsuits can arise from the original lawsuit- cross complaints and countersuits.A family lawsuit is a civil lawsuit. Other lawsuits can arise from the original lawsuit- cross complaints and countersuits.

Can the cosigner sue the primary borrower for the debt if it was included in bankruptcy?

Yes You Can. This Leaves A Mark On Your Credit Report, Plus Since You Did Not File; You Now Are Responsible For The Debt. NEVER EVER COSIGN++++++++++++ MONEY 101 * Probably not. If the debt was discharged in bankruptcy then it is not subject to collection procdures including a lawsuit. In some state filed BK's a cosigner has protection in this area if specific circumstances exist.

What are different options for funding a lawsuit?

Funding a lawsuit can be through either a loan, or what is called venture capital. Sometimes you don't have to pay if you get your money for your case. It is advisable to consider all sorts of funding to find out about the best way to minimize the lawsuit fees.

How do you get lawsuit funding?

Depending on the circumstances of your lawsuit and the type of lawsuit, there are various options that you may qualify for. Most litigation funding companies offer non-recourse lawsuit loans for a pending or settled lawsuit. A non-recourse lawsuit advance is a loan that only needs to be repaid if you win or settle your lawsuit otherwise nothing is owed to the funding company. To qualify for lawsuit loans no credit or employment is required, so long as you have a lawsuit. Obtaining a lawsuit loan for your lawsuit is as simple as picking up the phone and applying.

When was The Lawsuit created?

The Lawsuit was created in 2009.

What is the correct special diabetes damages in civil lawsuit?

It is impossible to answer that question. Every case is different.

Does the filing of an answer begin a civil lawsuit?

The filing of the Complaint begins the lawsuit. Filing an Answer makes it a contested lawsuit.

How long does it take to settle a vaginal mesh lawsuit?

A vaginal mesh lawsuit, like any other lawsuit can take several years to be settled, especially if it is a class action lawsuit.

Should I purchase an umbrella insurance policy if I own my own home?

Yes, everyone should have umbrella insurance. It will help cover you if an accident happens on your property and it is deemed your fault. Normal insurance has liability limits and it will keep you from going bankrupt after a lawsuit.

When voluntarily dismissing a lawsuit must the parties to the lawsuit sign?

The answer is no, the plaintiff can dismiss the lawsuit at anytime if there are no substantial objections from the defendant.

What is the purpose of a civil lawsuit and criminal lawsuit?

To settle a dispute

How to cancel a filed lawsuit?

Can I cancel a car accident lawsuit

What is Missouri Law for paying off repossessed cars?

The laws for all US states are much the same. In MO. when a vehicle is repossessed by the lender due to a default in the terms of the contract the lender is required to sell the vehicle at public auction for the amount closests to its assessed value. If there is a discrepancy in the amount for which the vehicle is sold and the balance of the loan, the lender may pursue collection for that amount in the manner the law allows, which can include a lawsuit.

Can a debt collector call 7 years later and ask you to pay 9000 on a repossessed car?

Yes, or 20 years later, there is no time limit on when a debt can be pursued for collection. There is however, a statute of limitations on when a creditor can file a lawsuit to recover monies owed.

Can a creditor try to collect the debt for a car that was repossessed six years ago?

Yes, there are not time limits in which a collector or creditor can pursue the recovery of monies owed. All US states do have SOL's relating to the time a credior has to file a lawsuit against the debtor.

What does in the process of filing a lawsuit mean?

It means that the actions necessary to file a lawsuit have been started, but the lawsuit has not been filed as of yet.