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If you do not wish to use eggs for bodybuilding is there a substitute?

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Really only using the eggs as they are a natural form of protein. There are protein powders out there you can subsitute with.

2009-03-01 11:53:05
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What do you use to substitute eggs?

Eggs are used in cooking as thickener or as extender. You can substitute eggs with cornstarch or flour.

What can you substitute eggs in a cake with?

Sometimes people use yogurt as a substitute for eggs in a cake.

What can you substitute for eggs in a brownie mix?

some recipies use mayonnaise instead of eggs

If you use 3 eggs to make a cake then how much milk do i use to substitute for the eggs?

You can't put milk as a substitute for eggs in a recipe. Eggs are a binder and a leavener. Milk has niether of these qualities. There is an egg substitute you can buy( powdered). Also in small amount recipes you can use ground flax seed mixed with water as an binding agent but it doesn't have leavening properties.

What can you use for egg substitute in mayonnaise?

You can use silken tofu to replace eggs in mayonnaise.

How do you substitute real eggs when a recipe calls for egg substitute?

Cooking with Egg SubstitutesUsually the measurements are on the carton that the egg substitute comes in (just like artificial sweeteners do.)Egg to Liquid Egg Substitute Conversion:1 egg = 1/4 cup egg substitute2 eggs = 1/2 cup egg substitute4 eggs = 1 cup egg substitute8 eggs = 1 pint carton egg substituteJust reverse it if you need to use eggs instead of the egg beaters or egg substitue.

What can you substitute for eggs in a cookie mix when you don't want to use eggs at all?

Can not eat eggs what to use in baking?

Commercially available egg substitute.

Recipe calls for egg substitute but you want to use real eggs?

It depends on what you're making, but in most recipes you would be fine using either eggs or egg substitute.

What can you use instead of eggs in brownies?

You can use egg substitute (found in the refrigerator section at the grocer).

What can you use to substitute for eggs as a high source of protein for breakfast?

beef steak

What can be use as a substitute for egg in cookies?

Nothing. Eggs have very special properties. You can substitute egg whites or egg yolks for whole eggs (2 parts per egg in the recipe), or use "egg beaters" egg substitute if necessary. But you need some sort of egg. I guess I have heard of substituting applesauce for the eggs and oil? You can probably do something in combination but when it comes to just the eggs, there isn't really a substitute. You can use a 1/4 cup of applesauce for each egg. This doesn't work for recipes that call for more than 2 eggs.

What are the eggs you can use instead of chicken eggs?

The eggs you can substitute are duck, goose or ostrich eggs - basically any egg. All eggs have the same nutritional value, but make sure the eggs you use are fresh. When cooking, check the desired size. The nutrition value is the same in all eggs but not the size. For example, don't substitute a jumbo egg for a peewee egg (these are sizes) as you will get too much wet ingredient than desired for that recipe. Also, don't substitute a peewee egg for a jumbo egg because you won't get enough wet ingredient.

Can you use egg yolks instead of whole eggs in a cake?

Yes but it will be higher in cholesterol, use 2 whites and 1 whole egg to substitute two eggs.Regards

What can you use as a substitute for eggs?

The only thing I know of that can be used in any recipe and give the same results, is the commercially prepared "Egg Beaters", which are an egg substitute.

What fat substitute got FDA approval for use in snack foodsdespite reports of diarrhea and cramps?


What can be an egg substitute in meatloaf?

If you don't have any eggs at all then this is what I use Mayonnaise and it works very well!!

What can you Substitute for vinegar when dying eggs?

You can just use water, but it won't have the same color-effect as the vinegar does.

What can you use as egg substitute to bake cake?

you can substitute eggs with -milk (150 ml ok milk for each egg) -tofu -blended bananas (adds sweetness)

What can you use to replace eggs?

According to Betty Crocker, you can substitute (in most cases) 2 egg yolks for 1 egg. I use an egg substitute such as Egg Beaters insteat. If you are allergic to eggs, I wouldn't use them because they are made with 99% egg whites. The other 1% isn't mentioned. Good question for Wikianswers.

What can be use to substitute eggs when making cookies?

one cup of mayonnaise, ketchup, relish and blueberries should do the trick

What can you use as an substitute for eggs when making cookies?

Instead of eggs, you can use 3 tablespoons of applesauce for each egg. It will not have the same binding effect that eggs would so I would try it out a private batch before using this technique for "public" baking.

Can you use eggs instead of eggbeaters for baking?

Yes. Eggs came first, they are a standard item in baking. Eggbeaters were developed as a substitute for real eggs, to help people cut down on the amount of cholesterol in their diets.

Can you use soda instead of eggs for brownies?

It won't be brownies anymore if you do that. > Baking soda is not a substitute for eggs in any recipe. They are completely different things with different functions in baking.

Can you use a substitute for butter flavoring?

Yes you can. You can use any flavor you wish but sometimes you probably should just use the flavoring suggesting but it's totally up to you. That's what wee do when we make frosting for my cakes. I am a cake decorator and we substitute flavors depending on the flavor of the cake.