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Other than a replacement stock motor, you will need new motor mounts. Like if you put a 5.4 or a 5.8 Liter motor. I would think that ur best bet if you want to replace the engine on a 94 mustang to get a built up engine or get a stock motor and get a stroker kit to increase the displacement and power output. But other than the stock engine "ease" can vary, like i said with the motor mounts and electroincs.

Your 94 mustang engine could be replaced by almost anything. From a 60's era ig block to a 2.3 L turbo motor from an SVO mustang. I would start with the engine size that the car had before and go from there.... if you ave more info or more specific questions, email me at

I have a 94 V6 Mustang, and one thing I know is that if my engine ever blows for needs extensive work done to it then I would switch it with an engine from a 99 V6 mustang (just for insurance purposes cuz I'm 21). Your stock 94 V6 only has 145 hp at the fly wheel, If you get a 99 V6 it has around 194 hp at the fly wheel. The reason for this is in the intake ports. 94's -98 have a single port injection and the 99 has split port injection giving you 50 extra horse. The engine is th same block and will use the the same tranny, but some electrical work will be needed to be done in order to convert over. To me the is the best solution because it keeps your insurance down and is almost a direct swap.

Stick With the V-6, there are many upgrades available for it unlike the past when V-6 parts were rare and expensive, for a good combo try this: 2000 3.8L Bottom End,Heads,Lower Intake and a 2000 Winstar Upper Intake and a BBK Throttlebody, Very driveable,good Gas Mileage and its about even with a stock 5.0L on Power.

The 1994-95 SN-95 Mustang is essentially the same mechanically as the 1979-93 Fox Body Mustang. It still uses the same front crossmember, steering assembly, subframe design, rear ends (7.5" and 8.8"), and the Windsor family of engines. This means that any Windsor bolt pattern transmission will also fit, such as the World Class T-5, T-56, and automatic AOD or AODE (computer controlled AOD) transmissions. The stock crossmember will accept the various engine mounts as direct bolt in replacement without modification. Be aware that changing to a more powerful engine will mean necessary upgrades to braking, the rear end, suitably strong transmission, exhaust, and possible hood clearance issues. As for insurance, if the car is VINed as a V-6, then your insurance will be based off of it being a V-6 regardless of what you put in it. This also means if your car is wrecked, they will not cover the replacement cost of whatever engine you put in, a nasty catch-22. I have a 1994 Mustang Coupe that I replaced the 3.8L with a 5.0L. I went carbureted and avoided a lot of headache, but it is a direct bolt in. Also check local emissions laws (if applicable, I.E. California).

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Q: If you have a 1994 Mustang and need to replace the engine what other car engines will fit in with ease?
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