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CMartin Thanks so much for that added info you added onto the post. Great read! Marcy A human being shouldn't go lower than 1200 calories a day! You are basically starving your body, and actually your body will begin to feed off itself. Ping pong dieting is linked to cancer and other diseases, so be warned! First off, you have to be happy inside yourself before going on any diet. If you are unhappy then you are extremely critical of your looks and sometimes we can blame our weaker points on what we look like ... pretty, nice figure or a guy that feels he isn't good looking and isn't muscular or tall enough. If you have everything right in spirit and mind, then the rest becomes easier. Since you have been literally starving yourself, it's best to start out introducing your foods very carefully. Steamed chicken and rice for dinner and carrots (no gassy vegetables such a broccoli, beans, etc. stay away from acidic things that pasta sauces, Orange Juice, citrus juices, alcohol, chocolate or any unnecessary sweets, etc.) Eat more often during the day (but, smaller meals.) No lettuce! Replace it with baby spinach leaves (tastes great and is better for you!) Don't introduce red meats into your digestive tract until you are eating better. Red meats are hard to digest. Chicken, turkey, a LITTLE ham and fish. Pita pockets are excellent and you could put sliced steamed chicken in it, mixed with celery, a tiny bit of chives, thinly sliced spinach leaves, celery, mayo and a little salt and pepper if you like (or even a little garlic salt or some Ranch dressing.) Have Sandwiches with soup. Eat 1/2 banana at breakfast (good potassium) and the other half at lunch. Stay away from apples for now (hard to digest) and try grapes, papaya (good for the stomach)and any sweet fruits such as cherries and watermelon or any of the melon family. Strawberries are acidic! Slowly introduce some grains into your diet (good for the digestive tract and bowel) as is at least 8 glasses of water a day. Use virgin olive oil and just a bit of butter now and then. Keep your salt intake low, but do use some salt (also good for your body to a degree.) Fruits, vegetables and poultry. Stay away from eggs right now as they can be gassy and give you cramps (these other foods I told you not to use can be introduced at a later date.) Your family doctor doesn't have the time to study nutrition so it's up to you to find a source. Go online and find a good balanced diet. Again I repeat: WHEATS, LEGUMES (BEANS), VEGGIES, FRUITS, FISH, POULTRY, RICE (ONLY HAVE POTATOES EVERY OTHER NIGHT ... IT'S WHAT YOU PUT ON THEM THAT PUTS THE WEIGHT ON) WATER. Get rid of any junk food you may have around the house and substitute these for fresh, sliced veggies with a nice low fat Ranch dressing dip. LAYS puts out a no-fat chip now and it's all natural. Drink water!!!!! Keep your dairy intake down because many people have Allergies to dairy products these days. Less is best, but you should have skim to 2% milk on cereal, etc. Vitamin supplements are a good thing, but get on a steady diet and become stronger first. Some vitamins can cause stomach cramps and make a person not feel all that well if they haven't been eating properly. You can also go to a Homeopathic doctor that will help you with your diet, or ask your doctor to send you to a good nutritionist. Stop the yo-yo dieting! If you pace your eating, eat all the right things in moderation and drink plenty of water and exercise (even brisk walks or jogging or biking) you will keep your weight down. When you go below 1200 calories you are starving yourself and you will only end up gaining more weight back (more than you weighed before.) If you listen to the nutritionist you won't gain the weight back, but be a good body weight. Good luck Marcy Additional information. Read the above answer as it is so informative. Exactly how much you will need to neither gain nor lose more is not known exactly at this time because you have put your body in starvation mode, where your metabolism has greatly decreased to assure your survival. As you begin to eat and exercise normally your metabolism will increase and you will burn more calories. The rate at which you burn calories at rest or your resting metabolic rate (RMR) can be determined scientifically using an MedGem device by a dietician or otherwise estimated and then given your activity leval a calorie number calculated to stay basically the same (for example +/- 5 pounds). You weigh the most at the end of the day and the least in the morning. Don't get hung up on small fluctuations (+/- 5 lbs.) as this is normal and can depend on things like salt and fluid intake, menstrual cycle, etc. By increasing your activity leval while starting a health promoting diet, you can kind of trick your body back up sooner to a normal metabolic rate, from its greatly lowered starvation mode and thereby burn more calories.

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Q: If you have only been eating 500 calories a day or less and have lost weight how do you start eating again normally without gaining weight?
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What happens when the food you eat has too much energy in it?

If talking about energy, you mean kCal or Calories? If so, you will gain weight providing you are eating more than what your body burns in a day, not including exercise. If you exercise, you usually can consume more Calories (not empty calories) without gaining weight.

Can you lose weight by eating a lot and exercising?

It depends on your definition of "eating a lot." You should be eating more calories on days you exercise, but don't go too overboard. It's all about calories in, calories out. That means if you just go for a 30-minute walk, but eat 3,000 calories, probably will end up actually gaining weight.

What fruit doesnt have calories?

There are no known fruits without calories. But eating fresh, unprocessed fruit is good for you. So is eating fresh, unprocessed vegetables.

Can calories make you fat?

YES - eating 3,500 calories equals one pound of weight. So, if you consume high amounts of calories and do not exercise to aid in burning the calories off - you can get fat by gaining pounds off the the high calorie food you eat.

Am i eating too much I'm a teenage girl 15 5ft5 and am eating around 1800-2000 calories a day I don't do any exercise on weekends?

It doesn't sound like you are eating too many calories. If you are maintaining your weight, 1800-2000 is perfect. If you are losing, you can up your calorie intake. If you are gaining, reduce the number of calories.

How many calories can you eat per day before gaining a pound?

Eating 3,500 more calories than you burn off naturally in a day is equal to one solid pound of body weight.

How do you start eating again without gaining weight after not eating for two weeks?

Excercise, but you shouldent have never stoped eating. atleast eat fruit and drink lots of water. your body will slowly get used to eating.

Why Eating better but gaining weight?

while you are eating better you're still eating too much. the average person needs only 2000 calories to maintain their weight. if you're getting over that and not burning them off you'll gain weight. for every 3500 extra calories you gain one pound of fat.

How many calories should a women who is pregnant and breast feeding have?

The woman should be eating about 100 extra calories per day than what she would normally eat if she were not pregnant.

What are the eating patterns of a person suffering from bulimia nervosa?

they eat unusually large amounts of food without gaining weight. there is secrecy around meal time and after eating.

If you are gaining one pound a day what does that mean?

To gain weight at a the rate of 1 lb per day you are eating 3,500 calories a day more than you are burning

If I eat a lot and exercise a lot will I keep off weight?

It depends on what your definition of "eating a lot" is. It's crucial to match up your calorie output with your calorie input. For example, if you burn 500 calories through exercise, and you normally burn 2,000 per day, you'll need to eat 2,500 calories to maintain your weight that day. But if you decide to eat more than 2,500 calories, you'll end up gaining.

What is an example of a primary consumer gaining energy?

A squirrel eating a nut is an example of a primary consumer gaining energy. A caterpillar eating a plant

Why when eating cabbage is healthy for body?

Cabbage is good for you because it's a negative calorie food. That means that the number of calories your body uses to chew and digest it is higher than the number of calories in it. So essentially you are burning calories rather than gaining them when you eat cabbage.

If you go without eating for two days and then eat until you get sick is that binge eating?

No. That is you dropping a pound or two of water weight and then gaining back that and more due to the drop in your metabolism from not eating for two days.

Does eating a baked potato and not the skin consume less or more calories?

Not eating the skin means that you are eating less calories.

Is a fear of eating an eating disorder?

Fear of eating and gaining weight is a common sign / symptom of an eating disroder.

Is it safe to lose 500 to 1000 calories from your recommended daily allowance?

It can be simple but it should be eased into and not rushed into so you cannot just jump down these calories in one day if you are so used to eating over 2000 calories normally.

Why do you have pain in your whole body one day after eating more calories than normally?


What causes clinical obesity?

Obesity is normally caused by eating too many calories and not getting enough exercise for a long period of time.

How many calories do you burn eating?

You burn off around 200 calories a day by eating. Calories depend on if you are eating something like salad that takes more calories to digest and chew versus simple carbohydrates.

How many calories do you burn eating celery?

When eating celery, you burn the calories you could have been getting from the celery. You do not gain any calories.

How can you go back to eating 3 meals a day without gaining weight?

Picking less fatty foods and foods with less callories in them.

Why is fasting or not eating an inappropriate way to reduce calories?

why fasting or not eating is an inappropriate way to reduce calories

How do you burn calories with out eating?

You burn very few calories by eating. Instead, the best and most effective way to bunr calories is through exercise.