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since the car will crank after a few tries, your starter is the likely culprit. i regularly replace Camry starters for this exact symptom

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Q: If your 1999 Camry LE does not turn on with first try in the morning it makes a clicking sound After 2nd or 3rd try it starts Could it be the battery or starter?
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Why is 1994 Isuzu Rodeo starter clicking. The starter solenoid clicks then the starter motor engages. HAYNES quotes problem is battery or starter solenoid contacts or starter motor connections.Ideas?

either clean and tighten cable connections or get battery tested. if not the battery, it is the solenoid or the starter If it is clicking and not starting at first, but starts after a few tries, its your starter taking a dump. Replace it.

Clicking sound can be heard when trying to start car but won't turn over?

Dead/disconnected battery or bad starter if it starts intermittently. Probably the battery though.

If car just is clicking but does not start is that a starter problem?

it could be the starter or it could just be a bad battery, try to jump start the vehicle with another vehicle with jumper cables or a jumpbox, if the vehicle starts, most likely it is the battery. It is still a good idea to get the starter checked out.

Why is it that sometimes my 2002 Trans am starts right up and other times it doesnt crank or start and the battery is good.?

you can try to short the starter motor . take a screw driver and bridge ffrom battery cable on starter to ignition wire on starter. if starter is good, engine will crank. if starter is bad , solenoid will click if no clicking, solenoid is bad

Your Tacoma starts after clicking and the battery and starter are good so are the cables?

That usually means your cables are loose and aren't making good contact. The clicking is the arcing of the spark. Tighten your battery cable ends completely and make sure they can't spin on the posts at all.

1996 Toyota Tercel starts sometimes after some clicking?

get your starter check I had same problem it was faulty starter

Why does my Camaro starts when battery is connected after replacing the starter?

you've got your wires crossed on your starter,

What goes wrong on a 91 gmc sonoma when you turn the key and sometimes you hear loud clicking and sometimes it starts?

It sounds like the battery is ok so check the wire connections at the battery and make sure they are tight and clean, do the same for the starter. If this does not help the starter may be going bad.

My car will not start but it makes a clicking noice when i try to start it. what is wrong?

Battery is weak,battery post connectors need cleaning or tightening up are the first things I would check.Cable going to the starter from battery loose at starter and finally the starter itself or the solenoid or relay may be bad,hopefully it is loose or dirty connections.Maybe all you need is a jump start if the battery is weak.And if it starts have it checked before it leaves you stranded somewhere.

What starts a car?

The ignition switch completes the circuit of electricity from the battery to the starter that actually turn the engine over and starts it.The ignition switch completes the circuit of electricity from the battery to the starter that actually turn the engine over and starts it.

Why does your car make a clicking noise when trying to turn on engine?

It could be your battery. Try honking your horn and hold it down...see if it sounds strong the whole time, or if it starts strong and then starts to fade out. It could also be the starter. The battery is easier to fix, especially if you have AAA. Good luck!

Your car will not start in the morning won't even crank but starts fine in the afternoon The battery always reads about 12-125 in the morning and 125-126 in the afternoons Any answers?

There could be oil in the solenoid which is too thick in the morning but once it warms up later in the day the oil is thin enough to allow the solenoid to make contact and turn the starter. Is the solenoid clicking when you try to start it? It could also be a bad battery connection but it doesn't sound like it.

If the car does not start and the lights and horn works and there is no clicking sound when you turn the key could there be a problem with the starter?

Try removeing the battery connections, and cleaning them. Often, the symptoms you describe occur when the battery connections have corroded. use jumper cables and another vechile jumping to your battery, if it starts, then it is battery related

What does it mean when you Replace starter and when you go to connect cables to battery the starter starts and stays on without key in ignition until you remove cable from battery?

The wires to the starter are probably connected wrong.

Where is the starter located on a 1996 Chevy Astro Van RWD?

there is a clicking noise when I start engine starts no problem just curious of the clicking noist

Car wont start it seems like the battery but it has a full charge?

If you hear a clicking sound when you turn your key, or it starts some of the time but not all the time, probably a starter issue. Best to take off the starter and have your local parts store test it. Chances are the starter bearings are shot, time for a new or reman starter.

How do you know if the starter is bad on a 2000 Toyota Tundra?

If your battery is good but the starter motor just clicks instead of turning over it is bad, OR it turns over weakly or turns over and starts clicking then it is bad. If it turns over strongly and sounds OK then it is OK.

What if your car makes a clicking sound when you try to crank it?

If your car makes a clicking sound when you try to start it, try to jump the battery. If that starts it, check the electrical system and if it was the battery, replace the battery. If jumping it does not fix it, have a mechanic look at it.

Try to start car but just keeps clicking then suddenly it starts is it the starter motor?

Possibly the starter, possibly the solenoid... fortunately, they're both replaced when you buy a new starter.

What does it mean when your car is making a clicking noise but does turn over?

1-Could be that you battery is dead. There will be enough juice to run the radio and the dome light but not enough to crank the motor. 2-Could be the starter Try jumping your battery first. If it starts, it's probably your battery. Make sure both of your connections are good on your battery.

What is the problem when 1998 Chevy makes clicking sound but won't turn over then when battery is charged car still cuts off is it the alternator?

It sounds like the starter is bad. The clicking you hear is the solenoid trying to kick-over the starter. If the vehicle starts but, won't stay running, it could be the alternator, or the wireing to (from) the battery or alternator (most likely the ground wire). Or it could be the dreaded MASS AIRFLOW SENSOR!!!!

Why would a car make a clicking noise when you try to start it?

dead battery..not enough chargeAnswerA loose connection can also cause the clicking, check the cables. If the battery is years or older, replace it. The alternater may not be charging the battery or there may be a parasitic draw draining the battery. AnswerIt could be anything electrical. Most likely, if the battery is charged, and the cables are tight, it could be the starter. More commonly the solenoid. Try tapping the solenoid with the car off, and try starting it. If after this, the car starts.. then you need to check into replacing the solenoid, or the entire starter motor, if the solenoid is connected to the starter.

When i turn the ignition over it makes a clicking noise but it wont turn over or start. 1990 Chevy truck?

my first thought would be to check the starter . if you can tap on the starter and it starts after have a bad starter .

98 grand prix starter just clicks has new starter an battery starts every now an then?

If the starter clicks, but doesn't start the car, that indicates that the starter solenoid is working, but the commutator that actually spins the engine is not. Take the starter back and have it tested. The battery could also be at fault. If the battery doesn't supply enough power you'll get the same result. check the battery voltage first should be 12.6 volts if not jump the battery see if it starts.if it does bad battery.

How do you change a starter on a 1993 camaro v6 34 motor?

disconnect battery. from underneath disconnect solenoid wire and battery cable from starter solenoid. remove starter motor bolts. remove starter motor. installation is the reverse but be sure to place the starter shim between the starter motor and the engine or you will get noise during starts.