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While bad valve seals can cause some serious blue smoke, the condition isn't necessarily "life threatening". You may end up with some oil fouling of plugs and "after-run" or "dieseling" if the vehicle is carburated, and there may be some other inconveniences, such as hard starting if you get too much oil in the upper cylinder, but in general it won't cause the engine to suddenly fail.On the other hand, are you certain that it's valve seals or could it be ring problems? In either case, it is an indication of engine wear and for optimum performance, fuel economy and to minimize emissions, it would really be a good idea to take care of the problem.

Answeryour engine should be fine for quite a while, but in most States that is '''illegal''' "enviromental laws "and you will get fined.

try changing you oil to 20/50 it may help you cut down the smoke .

Answerif you are going to continue to drive your car i would suggest that you DO NOT change oil weight, stick with your manufacturer's recommended weight, most likely 5w30, but you may want to look into using a product like max life or other high mileage oil, this has helped me considerably.
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Q: If your car is blowing blue smoke and it is most likely the valve seals that are bad what is the life expectancy of your engine?
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What is the function of a pcv valve?

controls vacuum in crankcase to power assist brakes and keep the seals from blowing out of the engine

Can to much oil make the check engine light come on and idle rough?

To much oil in an engine can cause it to flood which will then lead to blowing seals. But it should not effect how the car idles.

How do you keep a remote line with quick disconnect from blowing seals and leaking?

switch to HPA, it is much better for the seals

How do you change the apex seals on an rx7 13b?

very very big job!!!!! dont recommend for the novice or driveway mechanic. if you blew your apex seals then you more than likely ruined your intermediate housing and more than likely blew out all the other seals. you will need new housings apex seals, corner seals, side seals etc. to many to name. look into a new engine, much easier.

Citroen xsara Picasso blowing smoke?

oil seals have gone

How long do Weddell seals live?

Weddell Seal lives for 20 years, compared to an average life expectancy of 40 years for most other seals.

Where would seals be more likely to be found?

Seals are mostly found in the arctic.

Rebuilt ford 302 with about 600 miles on it Why does it keep blowing out all engine gaskets and blowing oil smoke out the tail pipes when valve cover breather and pcv are ok?

Sounds like your oil drain passages in the motor are blocked up. When the oil is getting pumped up it is unable to drain back down and is blowing out your seals and burning up the oil.

Why would a truck blow oil but run great at high speeds?

If you mean engine oil then this is because the crank mechanism in the engine need to be lubricated for efficient firing of the piston in the cylinder, there by increasing the speed of the truck and also durability of the engine. == correct answer== if engine is blowing oil,but still running fine, you more than likely have bad valve stem seals this allows oil to run down valves into combustion chamber fix it before you burn out ya valves

1990 e190 mercedes-benz with 95000 miles has a major oil leak best way to fix this?

You have to determine where the leak is. An inspection of the engine from above and below will give an idea as to where and why you have a leak. The likely culprits are the engine oil seals. Front and rear around the crank-shaft. Is the leakage observed around the gear-box or the front of the engine?? If the problem is either then you need professional help to replace these seals. Check also if the engine sump is damaged, if it is then it has to be replaced.(the sump is the lowest part of the engine and is likely to get damaged if you run into an object on the road)

What would putting 5 quarts of oil in a 2003 caviler do to the engine and seals?

Adding 5 quarts of oil to an engine and overfilling it can cause the seals to blow out. This can cause engine failure.

How do you replace the oil seals on a 1993 Ford Taurus Station Wagon with 3.0 engine?

Get a manual on your car from DISCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM. there are many seals and some have to be done with the engine out.

1998 Chevy Silverado engine knocking and blows oil filter seals excessive oil pressure?

Knocking noise in the engine may be as a result of excessive backlash, misaligned gears and worn timing chain. Blowing of excessive oil pressure could be as a result of stuck regulator.

Do you have to drop the transmission to replace seals on a 90 Jeep Wrangler?

Transmission seals? front yes, rear no. Engine seals, yes.

You keep blowing the seals on your rack n pinion 3 so far replaced the rack and power steering pump?

i have a 2006 dodge ram 4x4 i keep blowing my rack n pinion ,i haved replaced both power steering pump and rack with new it blows the seals

Can you do online school if you are in Navy SEALs?

You do the online school if you are in the Navy SEALS. You most likely are not going to have much time for the school.

What is the PVC hose used for?

To vent pressure in the crankcase. Really its the pcv but they work to gether. Prevents oil blowing out seals.

Does Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak work?

The effectiveness of automotive leak inhibitors vary dependent to the level of damage/degradation of the engine, transmission, cooling, and steering systems seals and gaskets. Engine oil stop leaks seal to recondition seals. Severely degraded seals and gaskets usually require replacement.

How can you identify valve wear problems?

Valve surfaces start to wear as soon as the engine is first started... what happens is a valves will cause a loss of compression, and when one is "burned" you'll have a "dead" cylinder They almost never ALL go bad at once.. If the engine is blowing smoke out the exhaust in the morning, then the valve seals are going bad, and there are additives to help renew the seals... feel free to write with more on how its running.. dave

Why would the engine be smoking on your mercury mountaineer?

rings or seals

What happens if too much engine oil?

u will blow your engine oil seals, causing an oil leak and damage to the engine.

What is an OTS engine?

An OTS engine is an off the shelf engine. The engines come with new rotor housings, rotors, and apex seals.

Just had head gasket done on your 1991 special edition hond civic compression is fine on all cylinders why is it still blowing blue on acceleration?

Blue smoke is from engine oil. If the compression test read good the valve seals may be at fault.

What could be wrong if your car has blue smoke coming from the exhaust?

If your engine is blowing blue smoke your engine is burning oil.If the smoke is present on acceleration, the piston rings are bad.If smoke is present on deceleration, then the valve guide seals are bad.

Why does a Toyota 1993 Camry smoke?

The valve seals most likely.