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There is only one crank sensor fitted, you may also have a cam sensor. the crank sensor is located either around the bellhousing or around the front crank pulley. It either has 2 or 3 wires. It picks the signal off the revolving crank so look for a sensor in the block near flywheel.

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Q: If your crank sensor goes out how do you know which one to change?
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How do you know when a crank sensor is bad in a 1988 Mazda 626 and how do you replace it?

Generally when the crank sensor goes out the engine will not start. The sensor on almost all vehicles is located in the front on the engine near the belts.In most cases it is held in place by a bolt.Usually they can be hard to get to.

How do you know if your crank shaft sensor is bad?

One symptom of a bad crank shaft sensor is the car having trouble starting. The car stalling and backfiring are other symptoms of a bad crank shaft sensor.

Can you bypass the crank sensor on 97 jeep charokee?

The crank sensor is an important part of the engine wiring. Without it the engine does not know when to fire. There is no way to by pass it.

How much does it cost to change a crank sensor on a fiat punto?

Just cost me £115, don't know if that's reasonable or a rip off

Crank sensor location 95 dodge 5.2l?

Dont know

Will your 1995 Dodge Neon start if the crankshaft sensor is bad?

No, the computer needs that sensor to know crank timing.

Where is the input sensor located on 2007 Chevy blazer?

There many sensors in that vehicle, crank sensor, cam sensor, engine temp sensor, oil pressure sensor, oxygen sensors, fuel level sensor, fuel tank evap pressure sensor, mass air flow sensor, manifold absolute pressure senser and the list goes on. Need to know which sensor you are looking for.

Where is crank shaft sensor on 1996 chev?

Need to know what size engine it has.

How do you change a crank censor on a Ford Escort?

Why the crank sensor? do you know for sure that's what is wrong? What are your symptoms? I cant recall exactly the configuratiion on the escort. Are you mechanical at all? what year is it? I can help if I have more info! hit me back on this.

How do you know if a crank position sensor is bad?

You will have a no spark situation. Testing it with a volt meter is easy. Twist the crank shaft slowly by hand and watch volt meter. If there is voltage and no voltage the sensor is good. No readings sensor is bad

How do you know if you need a new crankshaft sensor?

if your crank position sensor is bad you car or truck will not start because you will not have spark

My 97 Plymouth breeze stops every know and then. But will re-crank. And my mechanic doesn't know what is wrong with it. He hooked it up to the mechine and it showed nothing does anyone know why?

crank position sensor

Where is crank sensor located on GMC truck?

Need to know what year it is, engine size

How do you know if a crank sensor is bad on a 6.0 powerstroke?

6.0 powerstroke had crank case sensor replaced by a dealership. 24hrs of runtime and engine refuses to start again. what happened to owning a reliable diesel??


You must know the engine, such as 4.2liter

How will you know the crank shaft sensor is bad?

The car won't start. Need a scan tool.

Would the crank sensor cause only one spark plug and fuel injector lose power?

A faulty crank sensor would cause none of the plugs and injectors to work. Without an input signal from the crank sensor the brain will not know how to time it's signals. Most are designed not to attempt to function without the sensors signal.

How exactly do you know if the crank shaft sensor is bad?

when the hall effect and ignition module are good, the injectors and coil no work maybe this sensor is bad

Where is the crankshaft sensor on a 1995 Plymouth neon?

Jack up the car or put it on a lift first. The you can see it on the backside of hte oil pan. If you are asking because you have a bad crank sensor, you should know that usually you have to take off the oil pan to change it. I was able to get mine out wihtout taking off the oil pan. If replaing it the crank sensor will be about $100 and maybe $20 for an oil pan gasket

How do you know if your crank sensor is bad on a Chevy Lumina Z34?

They way you can tell if the Crank sensor is bad, is when you run the car for a while and then turn it off, and when you go to start it back up, it won't start,then it's your crank sensor, it's probably cracked, so when it heats up it expands and doesn't make contact. but if you let the car cool off, it will go back together and start up, A faulty crank sensor should trigger a check engine light.

What is a crank angle sensor and where would you look for it?

Need to know the year, make and engine size of your vehicle.

Can a bad crank position sensor cause a hard start problem on suzuki vitara 2 liter when hot and where is it located?

i need to know. my1996 1600 geotracker engine carries a crank sensor, i am replacing it with a vitara engine but it does not carry a crank sensor. the vitara distributor only has two wires. how do i configure, cause the geo distributor has 7 wires

What are the symptoms of a bad crank sensor on the 1998 grand prix SE 3.8 liter engine?

It is important to know the symptoms of a bad car part. The symptoms of a bad crank sensor is acceleration problems, engine sputtering and engine stalling.

Where is camshaft position sensor 1999 pathfinder?

I would like to know where the cam sensor is on a 1999 pathfinder and is there one or they calling it a crank shaft sensor The cam shaft position sensor is located in the distributor.

When do you know if a crank sensor is bad on a 1999 grand Cherokee?