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Have someone lift and shake the door while you watch the hinges to see if they are loose. If the hinge pins are worn, the door will sag and make it difficult to close. You also may need to replace the nylon bushing on the door strik pin if there has been too much weight when the door closes. The strike pins can be replaced but if you haven't already done one, you might want to have someone help you or do it for you. It happened to me. If you open the door, lift up and down on the bottom of the door to see if it loose where the door hinge is bolted to the fender. If it loose where it is bolted to the fender, you will need to tighten the bolts. If the nuts are stripped in the fender, take it to the body shop. What was stripped in my door was the nuts inside the fender that the bolts went into. You could just have a stripped bolt. I had the choice of taking off the whole fender to fix it or weld the door hinge tho the fender. I chose to have the body shop weld the hinge (much cheaper). They did a perfect job welding the hinge so the door fit and matched perfect. I bought the car used and the fit was better that when I bought it.

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Q: If your driver side door is loose and you have to slam it to close how do you tighten it up to make it like the passenger side?
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