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In Georgia can a Repossession man enter your garage to take your car?

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Entering a building to recover a vehicle is considered a breach of peace whether the garage the door was closed and/or locked or not.

The exception would be if the recovery agent held a replevin order.


not legally,but they will try to make you believe they have the authority.

they will have legal looking papers and talk the talk.they can sound very convincing.also they will have sound like they are doing you a favour by saying,we will hold it for you till you can make up the payments.DO NOT FALL FOR ANY OF THAT.THEY HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO ACTUALLY JUST TAKE THE VEHICLE WHEN YOUR NOT AROUND OR HAVE IT TOWED FROM YOUR PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT.ONCE THEY HAVE IT YOUR ONLY HOPE IS TO PAY IT OFF.TAKE IT FROM AN OLD PRO.

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No, a juvenile cannot enter into such an agreement and the repossession agent could be held legally accountable for attempting/taking part in such action.

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Depending on the state you reside in the procedure in order to get a repossession stopped is difficult. One of the few ways to stop a repossession is if a "breach of the peace" were to take place such as your car being in a locked garage or a threat of force was issued.

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No, repo persons can not enter your residence without permission and an attached garage is your property.

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Repossessors cannot enter a locked premise.

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legally they are not aloud to break and enter into a building to get anything now if your garage is open and the repo man comes by and sees that he will try to take the item needed repo-ed and that is ok It is legal in some states for a repo man to enter an open, unlocked garage. In others it is a crime, and conducting a repossession in a case like this would be prosecutable as Larceny from a Building.

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