In Japanese symbolism what does persimmon represent?

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In Buddhism, the persimmon is used as a symbol of transformation. The green persimmon is acrid and bitter, but the fruit becomes very sweet as it ripens. Thus, man might be basically ignorant but that ignorance is transformed into wisdom as the persimmon's bitterness is transformed into sweet delicious fruit.
Dried persimmons or hoshi gaki are served at New Year's time in Hawaii. They signify health and success in life for the new year. From "Favorite Island Cookery", a Japanese Cookbook put out by the Honpa Hongwanji in Honolulu, Hawaii. This answer was posted by Gaye Miyasaki of Honolulu, Hawaii
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What does a Japanese dragon tattoo symbolize?

There are nine types of Chinese dragons, . This is a pretty broad question because the history of dragons is quite extensive. But I will give it a shot. \nThere are nine types of Chinese dragons, also regarded as the Oriental Dragons. You should also note that nine is a very lucky number to the C ( Full Answer )

What does a Japanese chrysanthemum tattoo symbolize?

One of the most widely cultivated flowers in the world, thechrysanthemum's popularity has grown such that "mums" now reign asthe undisputed "Queen of the Fall Flowers." Centuries of carefulbreeding by gardeners has resulted in a wide range of floralcolors, shapes, and sizes. Today, the flower's colo ( Full Answer )

What does a Japanese quail symbolize?

The Japanese quail is usually a good sign. The Japanese quailssymbolically communicate that a good or a friendly person is justabout to visit.

What do Japanese cherry blossoms symbolize?

These tattoos have deep cultural and ethnic connotations, which should definitely be known before you get them. You should not just get them because they look cool and all your friends have one such tattoo. In fact, the Chinese and Japanese cherry blossoms have quite different implications when cons ( Full Answer )

What is the Japanese symbol for freedom?

There isn't one single character in Japanese that is used to mean 'freedom'. The word for 'freedom' is ?? (jiyuu). This would be pronounced something like 'gee-you '.

Where can you buy Japanese dried kaki or persimmons online?

you can try they can help you search in Japanese and buy for you from any Japanese sites, they of course do international shipping. Good service and price is fair, i use them from time to time for things in Japan!

The Japanese and Chinese symbols for friendship each one comes up with two symbols do both together mean friendship or does each symbol represent friendship?

well think you just should ask the friewnd to come with you and ask them if they can take a lieing scan I have personally studied Japanese and Chinese Calligraphy. Each character has an individual meaning, and when put together with eachother, they can be translated as "friendship".. (Chinese) They ( Full Answer )

What are symbols for the Japanese?

The red dot (ball) on a white background, represents the sun, and is the Japanese Army/National flag. The same red dot (ball) with red rays extending from the ball in all directions, is the Japanese Navy/Imperial Marines (Special Naval Landing Forces) flag. Both flags are still used today.

What does the Japanese tori symbol represents?


What does the Japanese tori symbol represent?

As far as the 187th infantry is concerned, the tori is a traditional Japanese gate of good fortune, and has been adopted as a symbol by the 187th reflecting their actions in the Pacific theatre during WWII. Rakkasan is also associated with the 187th, and roughly translates (Japanese) to "falling dow ( Full Answer )

What is the Japanese symbol for wish?

When you click onto the link which has been provided for your convenience below you will go directly to a fantastic webpage that shows you the Japanese symbol for wish and loads more

What is the Japanese symbol for luck?

mean :break fortune hap hazard lottery luck or mean : blessedness blessing bonne fortune break chance favorable fate felicity fluke fortune Godspeed good fortune good job good speed good spin good thing lady luck luck luckiness mercy muzzle prosperity success thrift

What is the symbolism of the squid in Japanese culture?

The symbolism of the squid in Japanese culture is used to show thatit is too late to make any amends. This is commonly used to definea slippery issue that already has gone too far to be reversed.

What is a persimmon?

A reddish pink juicy fruit that grows on trees. most likely to be tart or sour with a bright exotic color.

Symbolism in Japanese art?

There are many things that are used as symbols in Japanese art.Cranes for example are used to symbolize beauty.

What is the Japanese symbol for friend?

\n . \nfriend in Japanese is "tomodachi" = ともだち=友達 or yuujin =じゅうじん= 友人, which although more formal, carries the same meaning. Notice the first character, 友=とも is the same.

What is persimmon?

A persimmon is a fruit from the persimmon tree. Here in the Midwest persimmon trees are quite plentiful, and they tend to grow in groves. The fruit is about the size of a quarter, bright orange or melon-colored when ripe and has a sweet flavor. The unripe persimmon is green and very very tangy if bi ( Full Answer )

What is the Japanese symbol for 0?

is that the letter o, or a zero? anyhow, to say "zero" it would actually be two symbols ゼロ it's spelt like zero, but sounds more like "zay-ro" rather than "z-ro" if you mean the letter o, then in hiragana it would be お and in katakana it would be オ

What does the white on the Japanese flag represent?

It symbolizes honest and purity. It also contrasts with the red circle, red being brightness, sincerity and warmth. The current flag was adopted as the civil ensign in 1870 and slightly modified in 1999. It symbolizes the Rising Sun : the dawn of the possible future.

English into Japanese symbols?

katakana is used to pronounce foreign words in japan. there is no way to change letter-per character.

What are the Japanese symbols?

There are three kinds of Japanese writing symbols. The first one is "kanji." It means Chinese symbols. Kanji looks kind of complicated and there is own symbol for each word. Examples: 愛 = ai (love) 心 = kokoro (heart) 太陽 = taiyou (sun) The second one is "hiragana." T ( Full Answer )

How do you translate Japanese symbols into Japanese words?

/ is Jim Breen's website. You can go to the multi-radical part and check the ones that apply to find almost any Kanji, it's various readings, and its meaning. Studying Japanese requires an understanding that any symbol can be read in multiple ways, especially when combined wit ( Full Answer )

What does the Japanese carp kite symbolize or represents?

The Japanese Carp Kite symbolizes a child on Children's Day. The carp kite also represents strength and courage like the symbol of the samurai's sword. They are flown in the sky of the 5th day of the 5th month each year. The celebration is honoring their children whom the see as their futur ( Full Answer )

What does a Japanese bamboo tattoo symbolize?

strength! Bamboos are one of the few trees that can stand up to hurricanes. Because of that, plus their long life span, they symbolize reliability, courage, good breeding, longevity, good fortune, and impending fame. A bamboo tattoo design could represent any of those meanings.

What does the circle on the japanese flag symbolize?

The red circle on a white background symbolizes the sun, avariation of the "rising sun" theme that meant good luck during theEdo period. The flag was one of several variants adopted in 1870,but became the official flag only in 1999.

What is a Japanese persimmon?

The Japanese Persimmon , or kaki (柿) in Japanese, is a flowering tree that bears edible fruit.

What do flowers symbolize in Japanese culture?

In regards to the cherry blossom, which only blossoms for a short period of time. From my understanding...which may not be very is used to represent the fleeting beauty of nature, in relation to life itself. Life (or a moment in ones life) may only last for a short period (and take many sh ( Full Answer )

Where can you translate English to Japanese but NOT in symbols?

English to Japanese that isn't in Kanji, Katana, or Hiragana, is called rōmaji, or the Japanese words written in the English alphabet. You can use Google Translate . Set the languages from English to Japanese. Type in your word or sentence. On the right, it appears in whatever writing system is ( Full Answer )

What is the Japanese symbol for works?

If you mean the verb 'to work' it would be 働く /ha ta ra ku/ in all its present conjugations. If you mean work like a piece or production such as art etc it would be 作品 /sa ku hin/.

How do you write the Jo in Japanese symbol?

If you mean the name 'Joe' : ジョー /jou~/ (elongated sound for 'o') If you mean just the syllable 'jo' : Hiragana : じょ Katakana : ジョ

What does the cat symbolize in Japanese culture?

The beckoning cat (maneki neko) is supposed to bring good fortune to the owner. The cat with the raised right hand summons customers and the cat with the raised left hand summons wealth. Or I could have it backwards. Pretty sure I've heard it both ways, come to think of it. Maybe it's meaningless - ( Full Answer )

What is the Japanese symbol for Honda?

The word 'Honda' is written as 本田 in Japanese. These two characters are used for both the surname 'Honda' and also for the Honda Motor Company.. 本 (hon) - origin; main; real. 田 (da) - rice paddy.

How do you write and S in Japanese symbols?

You cannot. The Japanese have sounds for sa, shi, su, se and so. Often however if the character for su is at the end of the word the 'u' sound is almost silent. There are two symbols for this sound. す which is used solely for Japanese words and ス which is used mainly when converting foreig ( Full Answer )

How many symbols are there in Japanese?

There is no exact number of symbols in Japanese language. It is possible to form infinite Japanese symbols. A university professor in Japan may know tens of thousands of symbols