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I think that 16 and 18 is way too young to get married! You should wait till your 23+. Well i spose that's my opinion. You might not like being with this guy. You might think u r happy with him, but u should just wait. Im 16 and im dating a guy the same age. I love him with all of my heart and he is moving 45 minutes away from me, and he only lives nextdoor. Its good to have a bf living next door but its very upsetting when u find out he's moving. I would luv to marry him but my mother would go off her nut if she found out we wanted to get married. I think i should wait a few yrs bcoz we might have a fallen out and decide to go in separate directions and find someone who we really wanna be with for the rest of our lives. If you would like to talk about this a bit more, feel free to email me on:play_boy_bunny_16@hotmail.comthanx heapsAshleigh.....

AnswerThere is no state that will allow someone under the age of 18 to marry without parental consent or special circumstances/court approval.
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Q: In what states can an 18-year-old girl marry her 16-year-old boyfriend without parental consent?
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Where can a 16-year-old marry her 20-year-old boyfriend without parental consent?

Not in the United States. A minor requires parental consent.

Can a pregnant 15 year old girl marry her 15 year old boyfriend with parental consent?

Yes but you need parental consent from her and his parents.

If you are underage and pregnant can you and your boyfriend get married without parental consent?

No. You still need parental consent to get ungerage marrige pregnant or not. Unless you go to one of those states where it's legal to marry without parental consent.

How can a 16 year old in Michigan move into an apartment with her 18 year old boyfriend if she has parental consent?

What do you mean by how? You have parental consent and you are also age of consent so you can just move.

Can you get married if your 17 years old and your boyfriend is 18 years old?

Yes, IF you have parental consent. If you don't have parental consent, you have to wait until you're 18.

You are 17 and your boyfriend is 19 you want to marry him where and how can you go about this in GA without parental consent?

You cannot marry in GA without parental consent if you are under 18.

Can a 16 year old marry her 20 year old boyfriend WITH parental consent in the state of Florida?

Yes you are allowed to be married especially with parental consent

Can you be 16 and live with your boyfriend and his family if he lives out of state?

Only with parental consent.

Can a 17-year-old girl move in with her boyfriend without parental consent?


Can a 16 year old have 21 year old boyfriend with parental consent in kentucky?

Doesn't even need parental permission. They are both over the age of consent.

Can a 15 year old girl move in with her 19 year old boyfriend with parental consent?

I THINK you can if you have parental consent, AND the law doesn't say you can't. And also if the 19 year old boyfriend can support the girl.

If you are 16 and your boyfriend is 18 can you get married without parental consent?

In most counties and states, no, you will need parental permission to get a license.

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