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Nepal has the highest percentage based on population. Nepal is 89% Hindu, which is about 1900 million people and is the only official Hindu nation (https:/

India boasts the largest number of Hindu people, approximately 780 million Hindu, accounting for about 79% of their population.

Other largely Hindu countries include

Mauritius (600,000 - 52% of population)

Guyana (300,000 - 40% of population)

Fiji (300,000 - 38% of population)

Suriname (116,000 - 30% of population)

Bhutan (400,000 - 25% of population)

Trinidad and Tobago (300,000 - 24% of population)

Sri Lanka (2.8 million - 15% of population)

Bangladesh (12 million - 11% of population)

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The majority of Hindus live in India however, the country with the highest proportion of Hindus is Nepal.

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Q: In which country do most Hindus live?
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Which part of the world do Hindus live?

Hindus live in the country India which is found to be in South Asia :D

Where do most Hindus live?

Mostly in india. hindus live mostly everywhere, even in the usa.

In what country are cows considered sacred animals?

Cows are sacred to Hindus, most of whom live in India.

Were do most Hindus live?


What is the Hindus country of origin?

India, most likely.

In which country do Hindus live?

Maximum Hindus live India, which is the origin of Hinduism. Also in countries like - Nepal, Singapore, Srilanka, Malaysia and of course US and UK.

Where do most Hindus live in the world today?

India - 81% of Indian population are Hindus

What country are Hindus from?

Hindus are from Bharath itself

How does yoga help Hindus with religion?

Most of the Hindus do not know what is Yoga but they live according to the spiritual ideas prescribed by Patanjali.

How many Hindus live in Beirut?

There are No Hindu there are Christians and Muslims. It is a middle eastern country

Why do many Hindus not eat meat?

Hindus value all life forms, and respect the rights of all creatures. Instead of using and abusing animals, by slaughtering and consuming them, Hindus are compassionate, and are aware of the importance to live and let live. All Hindus do not touch beef, as it is Krishna's holy cow, the 'kaamdhenu', sacred and worshiped. Most Hindus afford the same treatment to most animals.

In which part of Bangladesh do most Hindus live?


Which nation has most Hindus?

India has the most Hindus.

Where are most Hindus?

Mostly Hindus live in Bharat that is India otherwise they are scattered all over the world being a very enterprising nation.

Where is Hinduism mostly practiced?

it is mostly practiced in India where most Hindus live.

Is the Canada's crime rate high or low?

Canada is one of the most humble & very cosmoplitain country, which respectively allows green card so it has very low crime rate according to its economical level country but it has crime in some of its cities because mostly terrist(hindus) are get secure to live that and most of its population is of green card holder which are hindus.............................................................................

In which three countries do most vegetarins live?

I'm pretty sure it would be India. A lot of Indians are Hindus, and a lot of Hindus are vegetarian. With over a billion people in India, I think India must be the country with the greatest number of vegetarians.

Where in the world do the Hindus live?

More Hindus are located in India.

How many Hindus live in India?

There are 827,578,868 Hindus in India

Where do Hindus live?


How all Indians are Hindus?

Not all the Indians are Hindus. Almost 80% who live in India are estimated to be Hindus.

What was the language of the Hindus and the Incas?

The ancient Incas mainly spoke Quechua.Hindu people speak the languages of the countries they live in. Most Hindus live in India.

How many Hindus live in the UK?

500,000 Hindus (est. 2000)

What country has the largest number of Hindus?

Nepal from India has the largest number of hindus.

Which country is having the highest Hindus population?

India has the highest population of Hindus