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Is Martin Luther King African American or just American?

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Martin Luther King Jr. could be considered African-American or American because the generations of his family before him were taken from Africa by the Americans, but he was born in America.

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Was Martin Luther King Jr African or American?

He was African American,

Was Martin Luther King Jr white or black?

Martin Luther King, Jr. was African American.

Was Martin Luther King Jr. an African-American?

Yes, Martin Luther King, Jr. was an African-American.No most people believe that he was an african american but he was actually a white male.

What type of American was Martin Luther King?

African American!!!! :)

Is Martin Luther King an African American?

Yes he was.

What did Martin Luther King do before he was killed?

Martin Luther king set the goals for the African-American race.

Was Martin Luther King Jr white?

Martin Luther King was an honorable African-American man. He was not white.

African American heros?

harriet Tubman, martin Luther king and martin Luther king junior, Barack Obama

What African American has a Monument named after them?

martin Luther king

What is an influential African American leader?

Martin Luther King.

The difference in Martin Luther and Martin Luther King?

Martin Luther was a priest from the Renaissance who started the Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther King was a leader in the African American civil right's movement.

What did Martin Luther King Jr do for the civil right?

what martin Luther king do for the civil rights was to fight for the African American people

What did Martin Luther King do for the African-American?

Type your answer here... Nonviolent

Why was Martin Luther King Jr. descriminated?

He was African-American.

What race was Martin Luther King?

Human. He was also African-American.

What African American made a differences?

martin luther king jr.

Where did martin Luther king help African American?

Leaded them to freedom

Is Martin Luther king Jr a famous African American?


How did Martin Luther King feel about African American troops fighting in the Vietnam war?

"My Nigs are gonna die there" - Martin Luther king jr.

Who was an African American civil rights activist?

Martin Luther King Jr.

Why is Martin Luther King jr day celebrated?

Martin Luther King Jr. was a African American man that helped other African Americans gain government rights. He did this in peaceful protest and never broke any laws in his fight for African American rights. His house was set on fire among other things that were done to him but he continued his fight for African American rights. Eventually he was murdered but because of what he organized and fought for African American rights were given. Therefore we celebrate the accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Who were the first two African American cadets at west point?

they were martin luther king

Who is Rev'd Dr Martin Luther King?

He was an African American Civil Right leader.

Who was the first African American to get a Phd from Harvard ever?

Martin Luther king jr

Were There any African American Vietnam War Political Activist?

Martin Luther King