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MOST Torsion Bars have an adjustment bolt 2 set the ride height-IF so-back off the adjustment until u can move the arm by hand up & down-MAKE sure u measure the ride height B 4 U start & measure the amout of threads on the adjustment & B Very Careful that ALL the TENSION is OFF>

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How do you change the front struts on a 1996 Ford Explorer?

1996 Explorers do not have front struts. They use torsion bars as springs that require special tools to remove and conventional shock absorbers that are easy to remove.

How do you remove advanced perental control from internet explorer?

How do I remove parental lock

How can you delete explorer 8?

You have to remove the Internet Explorer from Control Panel. Deleting it from desktop as shortcut won't delete it.

How to Change tire 2002 explorer?

how do you remove all lug nuts from a ford 2002 xlt explorer

How do you change a Ford F-150 transsmission?

Its a pain. You first have to drop the torsion bars under the truck. Then get a pulley puller and push the torsion bars back up to remove the metal pieces holding the torsion bars in. Remove the puller and take the torsion bars off. You will then need to remove the bracket holding the torsion bars. ONce that is done, you will have enough clearance to drop the tranny. The hard part is getting the torsion bars back on. Come to think of it, I think you can buy a tool from Ford to pull the torsion bars off. It pretty expensive that why I use a pully puller. Not all F-150s have torsion bars. Buy a Chilton Repair Manual for your correct year. It'll tell you everything step by step.

How can you change Internet explorer 9 to Internet explorer 8?

Click Start, Click Control Panel, and then click System and Security. Select Windows Update, then press Installed Updates. Look for Internet Explorer 9 and then press remove update. Good Luck.

How to change internet explorer 7 to the last earlier version?

You can change internet explorer 7 to the last veriosn of the internet explorer , by removing or Uninstalling the Internet explorer 7 from the add and remove . this will help in removing the internet explorer 7 from computer

Do you have to remove torsion bars and cross member that holds them to change the tranny on 1997 Chevy Tahoe 4x4?

No you do not, it is not in the way. First remove the transfur case from the back of the transmission. Then you will have enough room to remove the trans.

On a 98 Ford 150 4x4 do you have to remove the torsion bars to remove the transmission and transfer case?

Yes you do have to remove the bars or at least the torsion bar cross member and to do that you either need the otc tool or use a two jaw puller make sure to measure the bolt height before you start and set it the same they control your ride height

How do you remove cruise control buttons on 96 ford explorer? has a great walk thru

How do you repair the temperature control switch on a 1996 Ford Explorer xlt?

Remove the temperature control switch wiring harness. Remove the temperature control switch retaining screws. Reverse the process to install the new temperature control switch.

How do you remove a Torsion bar on a 95 Z71?

First jack the truck up and put a jack stand under the frame, MAKE IT SAFE now Loosen the torsion bar adjusting bolt all the way with out removing the bolt completely. be sure you count the turns you take on the bolt, and record it. You will need info later. Now remove wheel and put a floor jack under the lower control arm close to the ball joint. Now take the nut off the lower ball joint, Now raise the hub assy. and rotor up and off the lower ball joint and wedge a block of wood in some were to hold it in place, out of the way. You will have to remove bottom bolt in the shock. Now remove the torsion bar adjusting bolt, and count the rest of the turns it takes to remove the bolt and add that to your first count, and record it. When putting bolt back in later, TURN BOLT SAME # OF TURNS BACK IN THAT YOU RECORDED EARLYER Now remove lower control arm bolts and mark the torsion bar were it goes into the lower control arm, remove control arm and torsion bar at the same time as a unit. Lay on floor and slide bar out.

How do you replace VW Bug torsion bar system?

Your best bet would be to purchase a Haynes manual. Remember... safety first! Jist: disconnect brake lines,remove hub cap , loosen lug nuts, remove cotter pin and 36 mm, jack up car and secure on jack stands, remove wheel, remove drum brake, remove emergency brake cable, remove the clip holding brakeline and disconnect brakeline from the trailing arm. remove lower shock mount, notch the trailing arm and spring bar to ease realignment, remove driveshaft. remove 17 mm Allen nut on trailing arm and the three bolts holding trailing arm to torsion arm... remove trailing arm. Put a jack under the torsion arm and jack it up until the arm lifts slightly off of the stops. Remove the four bolts and the torsion plate, remove the outter bushing. IMPORTANT: (do at your own risk) do not get any part of your body underneath the torsion bar while in this position... you could get hurt. With a prybar, pry the torsion arm past the stops and slowly lower your jack. Once the torsion arm is under no stress, use an angle finder to find the angle (will help with reassembly). Remove the torsion arm and inner bushing. Remove the torsion bar. Assemble... in reverse probably... haven't done it yet. Hope this helps.

Can add or remove program tool be accessed from window explorer?

There should be a "Control Panel" icon there. The add/remove programs is inside of that.*** The answer is no. Add/Remove programs are accessed from the control panel. A+ Guide to SoftwareChapter 5Page 253

How do you remove a proxy password from Internet Explorer?

Go to Control panel\User Accounts\Advanced\Manage passwords. Remove the entry for the site or network location.

How do you remove the spare tire on 2003 ford explorer?

how to remove the spare on a 2003 explorer

How do you change the idle control valve on a 1999 Lexus RX300 Idle control valve?

Remove the throttle body. Remove the 4 IAC mounting screws. Remove the IAC.

How do you change a fuel pump on a 1996 Explorer?

Inside fule tank must remove tank to do so.

Location of 1995 Ford Explorer 4 WD Control module?

As far as I know , the 1995 Ford Explorer doesn't have a SEPARATE module for the 4 WD . That is also handled by the GEM ( Generic Electronic Module ) and I believe that is in the center stack of the dash and that you have to remove the radio to actually change it

How do you change the heater control valve on a 1995 Toyota corolla?

Remove the heater control valve and replace it.

How do you remove rusty torsion bars on a 01 f150?

came to this site looking for an answer myself.

Does ford make a tool to remove torsion bar from trunk?


How do you change the heater control panel on a Mercedes c180?

To change the heater control panel on a Mercedes C180, remove the radio and the two screws under the CCU panel. Pry off panel and remove the bracket.

How can you change heater control switch for a Hyundai?

Remove the heater control switch decorative cover. Remove the retaining screws. Remove the wiring harness. Reverse the process to install the new switch.

How do you remove a fan blade from a 1998 Ford Explorer?

how do you remove a fan blade from a 1998 ford explorer