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Children that age do not have the attention span for day-long instruction of any kind. Besides I doubt 1 year olds would grasp the idea of Field Hockey.

AnswerNo! It's far too much for a child of any age. It's great for parents to put their children into a sport, dancing, theater, etc., to round out their characters and also to keep them off the streets, but I just saw a program in Canada, that there is a growing concern some parents are filling their children's plates too full. Some parents will use these facilities as a baby-sitting service, while other parents simply want to be just good parents and do all the right things. A 3 year old should be going to pre-school and learning to interact with other children. Swimming lessons are fine as all children should learn to swim, but field hockey is a little rough for a 3 year old and should be left for 5 - 6 years old. I am a firm believer that children should be just children, getting their little faces and hands muddy, getting lots of fresh air, having a pet to tag along or sleep with them at night, and having a best friend to play outside with as well as either learning to fish with their dad, or even going with their dad if he's into race cars, etc. Whatever the father's hobbies are (other than weapons such as guns or Archery) a very young child could learn a lot and have a good bond with their father. This also includes the daughters. My Goddaughter goes hiking and fishing with her father, coming home all dirty, but the next day is so lady-like and out shopping with her mom, and practicing piano.
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Q: Is it good to put 1- and 3-year-olds in swimming class and field hockey and other classes all day long?
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