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Is it hard to remove the clutch slave cylinder and where is it located?


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2015-07-16 18:05:53
2015-07-16 18:05:53

It all depends on the vehicle as to how easy it is, but the slave cylinder is in the bell housing of your transmission. The transmission needs to be dropped and the slave cylinder isn't hard to remove after that. The biggest task would be disconnecting/removing the transmission and then aligning it correctly upon replacing it. (ex. don't get any wiring, etc. caught between bellhousing and motor, get all bolts tightened and threaded properly) It is a cylindrical (hence the name)peice that attaches to the transmission where it connects to the motor. .


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The slave cylinder for your hydraulic clutch is located inside the manual transmission bellhousing

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the slave clutch cylinder is located inside the housing of the clutch/transmission. Unless you really know what you are doing a trained tech probably should replace this part.

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In a 1988 Pontiac Grand Am you will find the clutch slave cylinder located on the flywheel. You will need to remove the hush panel from the driver's side foot well to gain access to the clutch slave cylinder.

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The slave clutch cylinder on a 1994 Honda Civic is located inside the engine compartment. On the driver-side close the firewall. The clutch fluid should be drained. Remove the mounting bolts and clutch lines to replace the slave clutch cylinder.

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The slave cylinder for a hydraulic clutch is located inside the manual transmission bellhousing

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