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Doesn't matter if you are a guy or girl, your mother is more concerned about your safety and becoming more independent. You are absolutely correct in saying that riding a bike is good for you, but hey, my husband and I both have vehicles and we go for long walks and many of our friends also own vehicles and go bike riding to keep in shape, so what's YOUR problem? There is nothing wrong with riding your bike during the day, but at night you should be driving or if you mom needs a lift somewhere you should be willing to take her. Sorry, you're mom's right! You should be able to chew gum and talk at the same time (which means: drive and keep up the bike riding.)

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Can a county health department dismiss a patient or refuse them treatment?

A health department can refuse a person service. They can refuse for different reasons.

What has the author John Mayeya written?

John Mayeya has written: 'An investigation into the problem of refuse upon health' -- subject(s): Refuse and refuse disposal, Sanitary engineering, Urban health

Can a doctor refuse treatment to patients without health insurance?


Why is the right to refuse health care important?

Patients have a responsibility to make the health care choices they prefer

What has the author Thrift G Hanks written?

Thrift G. Hanks has written: 'Solid waste/disease relationships' -- subject(s): Causes and theories of causation, Communicable diseases, Diseases, Environmental toxicology, Health aspects, Health aspects of Refuse and refuse disposal, Microbiology, Refuse and refuse disposal, Sewage, Transmission

What is a sentence with the word refuse in it?

I refuse to love you. Refuse the bad idea!

How do girl refuse the date?

Girls refuse dates because they are not interested in you

Can medical providers decide to refuse to accept health insurance benefits after benefits were applied to a patient's account?

They cannot refuse "after-the-fact."

Can your doctor refuse to do surgery if you smoke?

No, unless it is dangerous for your health. But even though wat, my or ur dokta can't refuse to do that surgery

What could a peasant not refuse to do?

a peasant cannot refuse to do is anything because it is an order for him

Is against the law or employer to refuse health insurance?

It is not against the law for an employer to refuse health insurance to their employees. Many companies and major corporations do offer health insurance through health benefits administrators, which are part of the HR department of the company you work for. You might want to get more information about this for your company or from the health benefits administrator of your company.

What position was Einstein offered but had to refuse due to failing health?

President of Israel

If a police officer wants to quesion you but you refuse to go can you get into trouble?

If the police officer is asking you to consent to questioning, you may legally refuse. If the officer has reasonable suspicion to detain you, you are obligated to answer non-incriminating questions.

Can a hospital refuse treatment if you have colon cancer with no money?

Yes but only if you are in america......Otherwise if you are in Australia they cant refuse due to Australia's public health system!!

How do you fix my Sleep Number bed pump?

Call Sleep Number. If they refuse to repair it at a reasonable price, buy a regular mattress.

Does a health insurance company have to issue you insurance even if you refuse to sign the medical info release form?

No. If you refuse to let them see your medical records, they don't have to insure you.

Why do you have hairy legs?

Because I refuse to shave them

Can hospitals refuse service because of judgment?


Why does gatsby refuse?

because his friend died

Does a health care professional have the right to refuse to participate in approved procedures?

A healthcare professional has the right to refuse a procedure if the procedure is unethical. You should talk to your manager about the procedure if you have questions.

Does Percy refuse immortality because of Annabeth?


You have syphilis so how can you get a physician to help you because you have been to different doctors but they are not willing to help meMaybe because of limited knowledge or ignorance you are dyin?

Attend your local Sexual Health Clinic and register. Do the tests again with them and they cannot refuse to treat you.

What is the present tense of refuse?

Refuse is present tense.I refuseWe refuseYou refuseHe/she refusesThey refuse

Why does Proctor refuse to sign a confession?

He refuse to sign his name because he's not a witch and he never signed the devil's book. Because of his name he can't have another name in his life.

Why does your Google Chrome constantly refuse to load pages?

Chrome would refuse to load pages because of the lack of internet connection. Or it could be because the pages would be unresponsive.

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