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Is the French language better than the English language?

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Both languages have their strong points, and it depends on your definition of "better". English is obviously widely used so if someone was interested in business I would suggest English because it will be more useful, although French is spoken everywhere from Eastern Canada to Africa and obviously Europe. The French tend to be very particular about their diction, how they say things and are very precise in the meaning. Many people would argue that French sounds better than English because it is a romantic language along with Italian and Spanish; English is a Germanic language and more in line with German. There is no right or wrong answer, it just depends on your sense of "better".

In French, it is easier to express yourself then in English. THere are more useful verbs and adjectives. While in English it's a little harder to express yourself.

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Is English older than French language?

Neither English nor French is older than the other since the natives of the language did speak the language.

Is English language older than french?


What is a fact about the French language?

French is a Romance language. The French language derived from Vulgar Latin. There are around 220 million French speakers worldwide. French has a great number of homophones. About 45% of modern English words are of French origin. Along with English, French remains an influential language in the diplomatic world.

What is a better language to learn French or German?

French is a more popular spoken language in Europe than German

Why is french the first language on your passport?

because it is such a popular language, other than English and American

In Canada which territory has a dominant language other than English?

Quebec, the dominent language is French.

Why did the French have better relations with the Indians than English settlers?

The French had better relations with the Indians than English settlers because the French were not as interested in colonizing, established a fur trade, and respected their culture.

Which language is better french or German?

"better" isn't really fitting. German is easier to learn, but OTOH Germans seems to be a bit more eager to learn English than the French is. This would make French the "better" choice for improving your ability to communicate with Europeans.

How is the study of English language better than the study of mathematics?

One is not "better" than the other, if you want to be a mathematician then the study of math would be "better" in the same sense that a linguist would be better off studying English language.

Why do people learn to speak French?

its better than english!

What Canadian province would you be greeted in a language other than English?

Quebec, where the provincial language is French.

Why were the German dugouts better than the french or English?

because english one was bad

Is french the second language?

yes it is a great language to learn better than spanish hehe but it is.... bonjour

What language is harder Spanish or French?

Many people agree that French is a harder language to learn than Spanish, but French grammar more closely mirrors English grammar than Spanish grammar does. It is far better, if you have to choose between studying French or Spanish that you choose the language that is more useful to you since the level of difficulty of both languages (assuming you know English) is roughly equivalent. For example, we are not contrasting Spanish and Arabic where Arabic is significantly harder to learn than Spanish.

Why were the English kings more powerful than the French kings in the middle ages?

Ther French kings are more powerful becaue in 1066, the prince France invaded Britain and that the language of britain demolished.. The english language now is a language of French socialites.

What is the mix of french spanish English and creole language called?

There is no special term for this, other than a creolized language.

Which was not a belief of Voltaire?

The English system of government was better than the French.

What is 'It will be even better than this holiday' when translated from English to French?

"It will be even better than this holiday!" in English is Il sera encore mieux que ce jour férié! in French.

What is the difference between English language and Mayan language?

A better question might be: "What is similar between the English language and Mayan language?", because there are far more differences than similarities.

Is french food better than english food?

No, a frenchmans diet consists of betrayal and nicotine, so no, english food is better

Why people in Paris do not wish to speak English?

Lots of people will speak English to you in Paris with no problem. Paris is in France, so French is the local language and just like you would prefer to speak your language where you live instead of a foreign language, the French people would of course have a preference for speaking French, rather than English or any other language.

What language used the Arab clavie?

French is the language used for the arab clavie. You will not find any better language than the French. It sounds nice and is fun to learn and speak out loud.

Why is Canada a french speaking country?

French and English are Canada's "Official Languages." English is the majority language, but there are communities from coast, to coast, to coast, in which French is the majority language. French is the majority language in the Province of Québec. New Brunswick is Canada's only "Officially Bilingual" province. ----------- Canada is not a French speaking country. Outside of one province most of Canada speaks English and more Canadians speak Asian languages than French. For much of Canada French is the language of the colonizing Mother County.

Why do they speak french in the eurovision song contest?

Well, of course, they speak three languages - English, French and the host country's. English because, though only one country in Europe has English as its main language, everybody in Europe learns English as an international language; and French because it has been from the start the official language of Eurovision; French is an official language in more of the original Eurovision countries than any other (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg) and at the time was still the international language of diplomacy.

Do Australians speak French?

Other than those taught French at school, there would not be many French speaking Australians. English is the language spoken in Australia.

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