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Is the harmonic balancer on a 89 350 the same as 92 350?

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Ask the dealer, I believe so. Its the same motor from 89 to 96 with minor differences.

More than likely, it will be on or behind the harmonic balancer. This will be the very bottom pulley (closest to the ground)

Yes it can. It is the same engine.

84 has a vacuum advance 89 has an electronic advance Thats the only diff.

Yes if the 89 had the same size motor as the 95 the 95 motor will bolt right in. The Chevy 350 did not change from 88 to 95. In 96 it went to the vortec 350 its a little different.

YES. They are the same engines. It will bolt right up as long as the 95 had a V-8 in it.

89 to 99, 5.7, is the same. Anything else would require major modifications, and cause problems with your local smog laws.

if engine is 2.8 or 3.1 its on the back side of engine. The only way to see it is from under the car there's a little 4 inch gap between engine and the exhaust manifold. Its up in there. If engine is bigger its near crank shaft pully and harmonic balancer. you may need to remove them to get at it.

Orange, then light blue, then in 89, black.

10w-40, until 89. Then 5w-30.

89 percent as a decimal is 0.89. which is also the same as 89/100.

engine will fit, but 305 tbi will be too lean for 350 It'll burn up

AC DELCO rapidfires heard nothing but good things about them and that what im about to put in my 89 350 TPI

10w-40 up until 89, then 5w-30.

No, the 4L60E is a electronic computer controled Transmission and the 350 turbo is not.

well other then being able to get a 89 in a 305 and a 350, power, torque. you can do a little bit to 2.8s but not compared to what you can do to a 350

no you cannot they are not interchangeable the 89 heads are fuel injected heads and the 79 are carb heads and will not interchange

They're all 350 cubic-inch small blocks in 1989.

At the back of the block, near the distributor.

It can be done. Requires experience. Your results may vary.

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