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Locate coolant temperature sensor on your 92 vw cabriolet and how would replace it thanks Paula?



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Hello, I have a 1990 VW Cabriolet with Digifant 2 electronic fuel injection. There are two different coolant temperature sensors on these cars. They are color coded. The blue coolant temp sensor is for the fuel injection system. The black coolant temp sensor is for the temperature gauge in the dashboard. They are located on a plastic manifold that is mounted to the cylinder head on the front of the engine about the center of left to right. This manifold is what the radiator hoses connect to. You will see two electrical connectors go to this. There are small C shaped clips that hold the sensor into the plastic manifold. To remove the sensor slide the plastic clip out of the side of the manifold, then pull the sensor straight up out of the manifold. There is a rubber o-ring that seals the sensor. Make sure a new o-ring is installed when put in the new sensor. I recommend you get a service manual for you car, and then you can see photos. I recommend a Bentley service manual (red color), or a Haynes service manual, or a Chiltons service manual. Good luck. Roger H. Best Regards,