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if broken stud is on disk, just knock broken peice out with a hamme. to reinstall place new one thru hole, using some washers as packing, attach wheel nut and screw tight to draw new stud thru hole until seated. then remove wheel nut and packing, if broken stud is in a brake drum, u need to remove the brake drum. then proceed same as for a disk

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Q: Lug nut bolt broke while trying to get tire off how do you remove it?
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If a customer brings in a car to have something fixed and while i remove a bolt the bolt breaks who pays to repair the bolt?

the law on that depends where you are. but generally. you broke it, you fix it

How do you remove a broke bolt?

Insert small bar having enough length in contact with bolt and then do stud arc-welding between bar & bolt.Then turn it as per thread direction.Thus we can remove broke bolt.

How do you hold crank while trying to remove crank bolt?

use impact gun or use the the starter to loosen the bolt with a long Johnson bar or ratchet.

What should you do 99 accord ex alternator bolt broke?

You will have to use an Easy Out to remove the old broken bolt.

How do you remove a coilpack from a spark plug on a 2001 ford pick up with a 5.4 liter engine?

Unplug the wire connecter Remove the 7 mm retaining bolt while trying to remove twist for easier removal

While taking out screws that allow you to remove brake caliper one broke off half way is their anyway that you can still remove that so you can take off caliper?

Youll probably have to drill it out and get a new bolt to mount the caliper with.

Remove bolt from Marlin 81-dl-22 cal rifle?

Put the safety on.....and while pulling back on the trigger (make sure gun is unloaded first) the pull the bolt rearward and remove the bolt. Putting the bolt back in is just the reverse...slide the bolt back in while pulling the trigger back first...the bolt will slide right in. JR

How do you remove the anti-pry shield for a dead bolt?

You have to take off the dead bolt then the shield. if your trying to break in use the window or another door.

How do you remove a fan clutch on a 1997 S10 pickup 2.2L?

The fan clutch on a 1997 S10 has a bolt on the center of the front. Remove the bolt while holding the clutch still. There is a special tool to grab the clutch fan from the rear to hold it while removing the bolt.

Right side bolt stuck when trying to remove starter motor on rover 400?

A few light taps on the end of the bolt, with a hammer will usually do the trick.

How do you remove a broken exhaust manifold bolt from a 2006 Jeep Commander?

The first step is to remove the manifold. If the bolt is sticking out, remove with a vise grip pliers or stud remover. If broke off flush, drill and extract with an easy out or try to weld a nut to it and turn out that way.

How do you remove the bolt from a Winchester 320?

Pull the bolt up and back, then while squeezing the trigger pull the bolt out the back of the receiver. Put it back in the reverse order.

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If a customer brings in a car to have something fixed and while i remove a bolt the bolt breaks who pays to repair the bolt?

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