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The burning coolant smell is your intake gasket. cost me about 600 bucks to fix. I have a bad multifunction switch as well. Haven't gotten around to changing that yet. I have a 2002 Grand Am SE. Good Luck,,, P.S. SELL IT!!!!

2007-07-06 03:00:22
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Q: Multifunction switch and burning coolant smell 2002 SE how do you change a bad multifunction switch in the 02 and replace the heater core?
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My headlights do not work but my highbeams do and sometimes if I jigle my multifunction switch my headlights work again do I need to replace the multifunction switch?

yes, replace the switch

How do you replace the multifunction turn signal stalk on a 95 corvette Thanks.?

== ==

How do you replace the multifunction switch on a 1996 Chevy suburban?

my husband says there isn't one

How do you replace multifunction switch on a Nissan 300zx?

i have a 300zx Nissan and i need to replace themultifunction switch i don't know how?

How do you replace turn signal switch 1999 ford f150?

multifunction switch in the steering column

How much does it cost to replace multifunction switch?

about $80 bucks if its a DIY job, and about $380 at a shop/dealer

How do you replace multifunction switch on 1996 Chrysler Lhs?

see section 19 of ur owners manual.

How do you fix hazard button in 1995 Chevy s10?

Usually not repairable, you will have to replace the complete multifunction switch.

How do you replace a multifunction switch on a 1998 Ford Explorer?

check out here...

How do you change the bulbs in a multifunction display in a sequoia?

There is no bulb. it is an LCD display soldered to a circuit board. If it got wet its fried, replace it.

How do you replace the hazard button on a 1996 blazer 4x4?

The hazard button alone can't be replaced. You will need to replace the complete signal switch which is called a multifunction switch.

1997 accord you turn on your headlights and your windshield wipers comes on?

You have a problem with your multifunction switch, probably the only way to fix it is to replace the switch.

Where is the hazard flasher in Chevy Venture 1998?

It is built into the multifunction switch which controls your signals,high beams,cruise,etc...have to replace entire unit.

How do you replace the multifunction switch on a 1997 intrepid?

Remove the tilt steering lever.Remove the steering column cover.Unplug the wire going to the switch.Now you can remove the bolts that hold the switch to the column.An instructional video of how to remove the multifunction switch on a 1993-1997 Dodge Intrepid has been included below.

How do you replace the multifunction switch in a Chrysler Sebring?

remove the positive cable under the hood instead of removing the cable from the battery, then take off the top cover and bottom after that get a 4 prong screwdriver, at the top take off the 2 screws and last unplug the connectors finally pull off the multifunction switch off.

Mazda mx3 Driving Lights and cluster lights dont work why?

The multifunction switch that allows you to turn you headlights is broken. The only way to find out is to replace it or take it to a mechanic.

How do you replace the multifunction switch 2004 impala?

open wallet dump allcash on counter at parts store or if at dealer bend over (best if you bite on something while they $#ck you)

1997 Pontiac sunfire brake lights are all out?

Check ur fuses first of course, then pull the bulbs make sure they are good it will probably be the multifunction switch a bad ground or s bad power wire get a voltage tester and test the wires if nothing replace multifunction 35dollars if still nothing u have a bad ground time to start chasing wires...

How do you replace the multifunction display screen on a peugeot 407?

Replacing the malfunction display screen on a Peugeot 407 involves first removing the air conditioner control panel. This grants access to easily pop out and replace the lcd screen.

How do you replace a multifunction switch on a 1993 Lincoln mark viii?

You have to remove the top and side covers on the steering wheel column, remove I think 4 screws-bolts, disconnect the wire connection, and remove the old switch.

How do you replace multifunction switch buick 1995 LESABRE?

There is no problem with my internet connections. But when you recommend I dowload an update to media player and dont allow me to enter and view the information requested it is strong sells technique and I dont like it.

How do you replace a wiper switch in a 1999 Saturn?

I should ask first why the wiper switch? The switch is part of the Multifunction switch and the steering wheel has to come off to change it>this means airbag work (Module and Sir coil) NOT FOR THE INEXPERIENCED!!

Replace 86 Ford F-150 signal light switch?

I recently just did this to my 86 F150 and i am finding it easier to replace the entire multifunction switch instead of just the turn signal cam. I tried just replacing the turn signal cam but even if you soder the wires, its almost impossible to get everthing to fit back together correctly, thats why next i'm just replacing the entire multifunction switch that already has the turn signal cam attached, i picked it up from the local auto parts store for 60 bucks. Good luck i hope this was helpful!

How do you replace the multifunction wiper switch on a 1996 Ford Windstar?

Pull the plastic off the column - there are 2 or 3 screws in the bottom of the plastic cover to get it off. You will then have to take the 2 harnesses off the switch and then remove the (4) torx screws that hold it on. Good luck.

What would cause the high beams not to work on a 1992 Nissan Maxima?

Bulbs Multifunction switch - The headlight switch on these go bad they run about $100 but are not to bad to replace. I would think that that is the most likely problem. Fuse usually in the power distribution block under hood