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What year was japan's World War 2

What describes an important outcome of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor during World War 2

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Q: The US did what to Japan after Japan took over a French military base in Indochina?
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Did tsunami hit air base in Japan?

No military bases in Japan were damaged.

Name french military bases used in the french revolution?

Algerian was the name of of the french military base used. This is during the French Revolution.

Which country attaked the US Military base at Pearl Harbor?


What military base were the nuclear bombs on japan launched from?

Tinian Island airfield.

How do you call a base in japan from a regular phone?

I'm guessing that you're asking about U.S. military bases in Japan. Each U.S. base will have a local number that will connect you to the main switchboard at the base.

How many ways did the japan's military attack pearl harbor?

Only Japan's Naval submarines and airplanes attacked the base.

What US military base was won in the last major battle against Japan?

Okinawa. Strictly speaking, the current U.S. military base did not exist at the time, so it was not "won" (i.e. the Battle of Okinawa was over the entire island, not for a specific base on it).

Why did Japan want to control the Philippines?

The Philippines was a strong base for US military power and had to be controlled by Japan if they were going to expand in east Asia without US interference.

Why would the Britain want to colonise Australia?

To establish a military base in the area before the French could beat them to it.

What was Japan and Americas relationship like after the attack on Pearl Harbor?

After World War II, America occupied Japan for a time. Then we became Japan's protector because the treaty at the end of the war specified that Japan would not have a military. The US still has a base on Okinawa.

Can you have a ferret on a military base?

Ferrets are prohibited on many military bases. You will have to check with the military base

Does Wrangell Island have a military base?

There was a U.S. military base there from 1867 to 1877.