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Hi, Could be the fuel pump if it just started or the fuse or relay. Steve H.

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Q: The fuel pump relay on 93 Tracker starts clattering a few seconds after ignition turned on and car will not start - relay distributor cap and rotor have been replaced?
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How do you change Geo Tracker distributor?

see my profile see link. click , maintenance then ignition timing. behold

Where distributor in 2000 Chevy Tracker?

I am assuming you have the 2.0L? If so this is a distributor-less engine with coil over plug ignition. The spark signal comes from the crankshaft position sensor.

If a 1993 Geo Tracker has a rough idle and you have replaced the plugs wires distributor cap rotor and fuel filter what is next?

try checking youre timing

Where is the ignition coil on a 96 Geo Tracker?

On the firewall. Upper right, above the exhaust manifold and steering column... Good hunting. PS. you will see a wire very similar to a spark plug wire connecting the ignition coil to the distributor cap... hope this helps..

Where is the crank shaft position sensor on a 1995 Geo Tracker?

in the distributor

Where is the crank angel scencer at in a 1991 Geo Tracker?

Inside the distributor

Where is the distributor cap on the 2000 Chevy Tracker?

The distributor is located on the rear of the engine next to the firewall on a 2.0 4 cylinder.

Trying to find a 1995 geo tracker distributor cover inside the distributor there was a cover over the bottom of the distributor what does it do without it it runs badly?

Pick up coil?

What is the firing order on the distributor on a 97 tracker 1.6L 16v dohc?

1-3-4-2 Distributor rotates counterclockwise.

Will a 2001 ignition switch fit the 2000 Chevy Tracker?

Yes, the 2001 ignition switch for a 2000 Chevrolet Tracker will fit just fine. Other years the switch fits are 1999 to 2004.

How do you change the ignition lock cylinder in a 2001 Chevrolet Tracker?

To change the ignition lock cylinder in a 2001 Chevrolet Tracker, first disarm the air bag system. Then remove the clock spring assembly to be able to remove the old ignition lock cylinder and replace with a new.

Would a 2001 tracker soft top fit a 1995 tracker?

Nope. Body style changed significantly in 1998 when Chevy replaced Geo on the Tracker nameplate. Sorry!

What is the clunking noise when going over a bump in my Chevy Tracker?

Check your sway bar links. I just had to have these replaced on my 2004 Tracker.

How do you know if the thermostat needs replaced in tracker?

Is you Geo Tracker overheating or the temperature is running almost hot then you need to change you thermostat

What is the firing order on a 1995 Chevy Tracker?

It is a Geo Tracker not Chevy Tracker. Firing order is 1-3-4-2AnswerHI, The firing order is 1-3-4-2 and the distributor rotation is clockwise.. If you face the distributor cap as a clock, 1 is at seven o'clock, 3 is at 10 o'clock then 4 then 2. Steve H.

Do the headlights come on at ignition on a 2007Geo tracker?

If it's like a 1996 tracker the headlights won't come on unless the parking brake is released or the light switch is on.

Where is the condenser on a 2000 Chevy tracker?

This motor has no distributor. It has a coil pack for each spark plug. There is no condenser.

Why wont a 1991 geo tracker start after replacing spark plugs wires distributor cap?

Did you check the Distributor cap chances are either that is on backwards or a fuse went out within the ignition system. I have seen fuses blow during replacing these items do to arcing the system but it is not proven but check the firing sequence of the distributor cap usually there is a number 1 on the first cylinder and from there you have to look more into depth on how the firing order according to the cylinders is arranged on the distributor itself hope this will help

How do you set the points on a 1992 Geo Tracker?

O-Boy !! The engine has electronic ignition. *** NO POINTS ***

Where is the distributor in the Geo Tracker?

top rear center , ive answered 2 times now. see my profile.

How do you replace the o ring on the distributor of a 96 geo tracker?

Locate the distributor and mark where timing is set at. Loosen the 3 bolts holding the distributor in place. Disconnect any wiring. Pull off the o-ring and install the new one.

Would a ignition switch from a Geo Metro fit a Geo Tracker?

depends on years storm and tracker are more closely related call parts house and compare part numbers

How do you time a1995 Geo Tracker?

ignition timing or cam timing. see my profile for link. answers both.

What mark do you set the timing on a 1996 Geo Tracker e or i?

e is for the exaust stroke......i is for ignition stroke......i is the one you are looking for

1990 Geo Tracker 4x4 and it misses when you accelerate why?

could be a clogged injector, a bad coil or a bad hall-effect switch in the distributor