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brake pedal light switch.

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Q: The plug that attaches to the brake pedal in your 2001 Ford Focus needs to be replaced What is the actual name of it?
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Why is brake fluid leaking from the back drum and no visible line leak 1994 caravan?

brake fluid leaking from a brake drum indicates the brake slave cylander on that wheel is leaking and needs to be replaced you will not see the actual leak with out removing the brake drum

Your brake lights wont turn off on your ford focus And i replaced the switch by the brake pedal and it still wont work?

The brake light switch might not be connected properly. Remove the brake light switch for 10 seconds and replace it to its original position.

Do brake rotors need to be replaced if there is no noise shimmy or other brake issues?

When Brake Rotors Are To Thin To Turn On A Brake Lathe To Have The Minumn Thickness. They Need To Be Replaced.

How to replace a brake light switch on Ford Focus?

Most ford brake switches can be replaced with no tools. They are set up a few different ways, but usually you twist them a 1/4 turn and remove. It is located above the brake pedal under the dash.

Where is chev2000 S10 brake switch location?

Above the brake pedal where the master cylinder actuator rod attaches.

What is replaced with brake repair?

Most often a brake repair simply involves replacing the brake pads. If the pads have worn too much though the rotors or drums will also need to be resurfaced or replaced. In more serious cases the master cylinder that controls the brake pressure will be replaced. Brake lines rarely if ever need to be replaced.

You replaced brake pads on 2001 Focus and calipers witll not engage Please help?

i had a similar prob but it was related to the brake booster. it is a cylendrical device that creates brake pressure and when deffective causes the brakes to be engadged and causes brake wear and slow gas mileage and warpping of brake drums and excessive wear of brake pads..... often over-looked.

Where is the brake light switch located on a 1979 Ford Pinto Station Wagon 2.3 L?

Above the brake pedal pad where the brake actuator rod attaches to the brake pedal bracket.

Why does my car shake when i brake?

You have a "Warped" brake rotor. It needs to be replaced

Where can I get the brake rotors on my vehicle replaced?

You can get your brake rotors replaced by visiting Autoparts Warehouse which contain various brake rotors in size and durability to fit your needs and accommodate your budget.

Where is the brake fluid reservoir for a Ford Focus?

how change brake fluid . i have ford focus lx 2000.ans how change air filter.

How do you remove brake light cover to change bulb on 2001 Ford Focus ZX3?

How do you remove the brake light cover on a ford focus

Why will 2000 Jetta gearshift not move from park into drive when car is started and brake and gearshift are depressed?

There is a safety switch located behind your brake pedal arm behind the actual brake pad that evidently has gone bad that must be replaced, I believe average cost is @$20.00 for the part.

Should you have your brake fluid replaced when you get new brake pads Is there a recommened mileage mark when you should have the fluid replaced?

I wouldn't recommend it if it hasn't leaked.

Where does the clutch fluid go for a 2001 ford focus?

On a 2001 Ford Focus : The brake fluid reservoir is used for the brake and clutch systems

Where do you find the fuse for the cruise control on a 2000 Ford Focus?

Are you sure you need the fuse for the cruise control. My cruise control wasn't working, neither were my brake lights. All 7 bulbs were burnt out. When the brake lights were replaced the cruise control worked.

A brake drum that is cracked should be?


Where is the brake switch on 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII?

If you follow the brake pedal up under the dash, you'll see the switch where the actuator arm from the brake master cylinder attaches to the pedal.

Where are a 1994 Pontiac Sunbird brake bleeder screws?

One at each Wheel just below where the Brake fluid line attaches. One or two at the Brake fluid reservoir.

When to service BMW x5?

Had brake linings replaced but brake light and check brake lining light will not go out how do I reset.

Why do you put back the brake clips for brake pads on vw golf?

i replaced brake pads on vw golf and did not put the clips on the brake pads is it save?

How do you reset the brake pad wear warning light on a BMW X5 after the pads have been replaced?

After your brake pads have been replaced, scroll to the brake pad life display. On the brake pad life display hold the scroll button in until the brake pad life goes to 100 percent.

What brake fluid is in a Ford Focus 2003?

The kind in a can.

Corolla minimum brake shoe thickness?

Brake pads should be replaced at 3/32".

What is a brake pad?

A brake pad is the friction surface, replaced as it wears, between the caliper and the rotor.

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