Was Hitler a capitalist?

Adolph Hitler was not a capitalist although he clearly became a millionaire through the massive sales of his Mein Kampf.
Hitler's economics were based on his own view of world empire. He was a fascist who made good use of the capitalist industries that furnished his the weapons of his war machine. He was clever enough to see that the best tanks and warplanes were possible only if he allowed certain industries to compete for government contracts. Capitalism was a tool for Hitler. He held total control of the economics of Germany.
Hitler was a Nationalist Socialist. He believed in allowing a private sector with rich buisnessmen, while at the same time regulating or performing direct state investment whenever he felt it a good idea.
On economic issues he was like most governments in North America and Europe today and for the last 60 year, giving truth to Mussolini's claim that fascism is the system of the 20th century.
Of course Hitler felt the most important part of Nazisim was hating jews, and that part is not practiced widely today.