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shia Islam.

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Q: Was shiite or sunni the official religion of the safavid empire?
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Was the Safavid Empire Christian?

No. The official religion of the Safavid Empire was Shiite Islam. They were also quite zealous rulers, forcibly converting many to Shiite Islam.

What type of Muslims did the Safavid Empire consist of?

The Safavid Empire is primarily made of SHIITE MUSLIMS, because that was the official religion of the empire. Numerous Persian Sunni Muslims were forcibly converted to Shiite Islam under Safavid rule.

What two cultural traditions did the Safavid empire blend?

they blended the Shiite Muslim and the Sunni Muslim.

What was the Safavid empire known for?

the establishment of Shīʿite Islam as the state religion of Iran was a major factor in the emergence of a unified national consciousness among the various ethnic and linguistic elements of the country in the safavid dynasty.besides,the population of shiite begin to develop.

Which dynasty made Persia present-day Iran a Shiite state?

The Safavid Empire made Persia into a predominantly Shiite-State by aggressively repressing Sunni Islam.

Is the official religion of Iran Sunni Islam or Shia Islam?

Official religion of Iran is Shiite Islam, specifically Twelver Shiite Islam with the Jaafari School of Fiqh (jurisprudence).

What was the religion of Islamic empire?

The official state religion of the numerous Islamic Empires was Islam. Depending on the Empire, it could be Sunni Islam, Shiite Islam, Kharijite Islam, Ibadi Islam, Mu'tazilite Islam or several others.

Was the ottoman empire sunni or shia?

The Ottoman Empire was officially a SUNNI Caliphate. Shiite Islam was vilified and often repressed, being strongly associated with the Ottomans' rival to the east, the Safavid Empire.

What is the official religion of Iran?

The official religion of Iran is Twelver Shiite Islam. All other forms of Islam are unrecognized religions.

Which empire had Shiite Islam as its official religion?

Iit depends on your definition of shia. Safavid and some others had shia government but they are not considered real shia by many shia scholars and are considered deviated. at Safavids there was a Kings by Shia scholars as advisers. the only real shia government can be considered government of Imam Ali S.A. at his Caliphate time.Islamic republic of Iran after revolution has official shia religion with a Shia Islam jurist as the supreme leader with no King. but still has many problems.

What faction of Islam controlled the Ottoman Empire and what faction controlled the Safavid Dynasty?

i don't know if it's right but Sunni and shiite stupit odessywire

Describe the increase of shiite religious elements in the safavid dynasty after the death of Shah ABBAs?

The power of Shiite religious elements began to increase at court and in Safavid society at large after the death of Shah Abbas. While intellectual freedom had marked the height of the Safavid empire, the pressure to conform to orthodox religious beliefs increased. For example, Persian women, who had considerable freedom during the early empire, were now forced into seclusion and required to adopt the wearing of the veil.

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