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No. The Articles of Confederation came before.


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No, the Articles of Confederation were the first constitution.

There is one US constitution, governing the US federal government. There are 50 different state constitutions, governing 50 different states.

George Washington was the first president of the United States of America, as established by the US Constitution. Before the US was formed, there were other governing bodies, some of which elected a president.

When the constitution was written during the summer of 1787, the Articles of Confeduration were still governing the United States.

the articles of confederation was the first governing document

The United States Constitution is not only the governing document of the land but it is also the first document in the world to give power expressly to the citizenry of the US.

Anti-federalists criticized the U Constitution primarily because governing power was concentrated in the national government. Anti-federalists did not want the Constitution to be ratified.

The First Three Words of the US Constitution are "We The People".

"We The People" are the first three words of the US constitution.

Delaware was the first state to approve the US Constitution.

Delaware was the first state to ratify the US Constitution.

George Washington was the first president under the constitution.

The first word in the preamble of the US constitution is "We."

No individual got more power from the issuing of the US Constitution. The Constitution (and amendments) sets out the peoples rights (and responsibilities) and which branch of government is responsible for the various actions required for governing a nation.

The first constitution did not have a Bill of Rights, which is why it was not ratified.

The first Constitution did not contain the Bill of Rights.

Cities did not ratify the US Constitution only States. Delaware was the first.

It was the Articles of Confederation, they were written in 1777 and they were replaced by the United States Constitution in 1787.

The U.S. Constitution tells us that the forefathers of the country were aware of how easily power corrupts even the best of people. It also tells us that we have certain rights that are not granted to us by any governing body.

The Articles of Confederation was considered the first constitution of the United States, but it didn't work and had to be replaced by the current US Constitution.

The Constitution has been called the blueprint for governing the US because it's basically outlines all key information that needs to be taken care of in a government.So the US followed by it.The Constitution has been called the blueprint because it has basically outlined all the key information that needs to be taken care of in a government. So the United States followed by it.

In speaking of the United States, the US Constitution serves as the governing document to protect the rights of US citizens. The US Supreme Court in the US determines issues and laws related to the US Constitution.

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