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What Qualifications do you have to have to become a security guard in Canada?

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There are security guard courses they take in Canada. All you need to do is apply. Go onto TYPE IN: Qualifications for becoming a Security Guard in Canada Security officers are regulated by province. I was in the Ontario security field for 5 years. The minimum qualifications for becoming a security officer in Ontario is being 18 years of age with no criminal record. There are law and security courses offered at most Ontario colleges. As of June 2006 a want-to-be security officer must pass an exam before being issued a security/private investigations license. If you want a better chance at being hired by a security company some things they look for; experience (military, police) first-aid/CPR, self defense, and of course education. KeVin Toronto

2006-08-10 05:14:12
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Q: What Qualifications do you have to have to become a security guard in Canada?
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What qualifications are needed to become a security guard in the USA.?

A clean criminal record and a pulse.

What qualifications does a person need to have to get security guard jobs?

There are no qualifications. Most security guard jobs are hourly and you may need certification if you are carrying a weapon.

What type of qualifications do you need to be a nightclub security guard and how old do you have to be to start?

Where can I find classes to help me become a security guard?

Type in " security guard training" in google search box.

What are some reliable security guard companies available for hire in Canada?

Some reliable security guard companies available for hire in Canada include 'First Strike Security and Investigation', 'Orion Security Incorporated' and 'Palaton Security Inc'. One can find their details on Yelp.

Where can I learn to become a security guard?

Generally to become a security guard you will need to have a high school diploma or GED. Some companies might prefer a college graduate.

How many security guard classes do I need to become a securty guard?

You need a total of 100 hours of traning and classes to become a securty guard.

What is nys 16 hour security guard test answers?

The answers for the New York State security guard test are not found online. You must go a security guard training school in order to become a certified security guard in New York.

When did the Coast Guard become apart of the Department of Homeland Security?

The Coast Guard was transferd to the department of homland security in Feb 2003

Can you become a security guard with a misdameanor?

Most places will allow for you to become an unarmed guard... having a felony is a problem though.

Does a police officer need to get a security licence to become a security guard in London Ontario?


How do you become a security guard on club penguin?

There is no way to become a security guard on club penguin. Although, if you're talking about secret agents, then that's a different thing. You have to pass the test and become a agent in the EPF room (lodge). After that you'll be your so-called "Security Gard".

Do you know any security guard jobs?

there are a few sites online that deal with this question about security guard jobs . here are the sites I hope they can help you Forums Job Security Guard ,

What is the full form of security guard?

There is no full form of security guard. You can have a private security guard.

Where do I sign up for security officer training?

Training to become a security guard can vary from state to state. Most of the training can be done through colleges. Or through specific companies that specialize in security guard training.

What are the qualifications for becoming a certified security guard instructor in New York State?

The 11 GO's of security guard?

11GO of security guard

What are the qualifications to become a Philippines coast guard?

A person must be 18 years of age to quality as part of the Philippines coast guard. They must also be a resident of the country.

What qualifications are needed to become an armed police officer?

In the united states all sworn police officers are armed. If your not armed, your a security guard. Security guards have to go through 70 hours of training. Police officers have about 1000 hours in the academy, plus another 1400 of field training.

How do you get your security license in longisland new york?

In order to obtain a security guard license in New York State (unarmed), you must complete the following steps: 1) Take the 8 hour NYS Security Guard Class 2) Obtain Electronic Fingerprints 3) Mail in Security Guard Application Form with any required items These are the minimum steps to become an unarmed security guard.

Average costs for security guard contracts?

4 security guard

Did Michael Jackson have a security guard service?

Yes Michael Jackson had a security guard service. His security guard was in the same room with him upon his death. The Dr was reported as telling the Security guard to call for an ambulance.

Can a Security guard ask to look a your bra?

yes a lot he even sees your bobs ______________________________________ Yes, the security guard has the right to ask to look at your bra on condition to be a female security guard and not a male security guard.

What qualifications do need to become a guard in Ireland?

The minimum educational requirement for entry into the Gardai is aLeaving Certificate standard of education or similar.

Were can you find a security guard class in Dallas Texas?

One can find security guard clasess at a place called Security Exchange. A person can get a security guard license from this company in Dallas, Texas.