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What are fat burning foods?


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June 10, 2015 6:18AM


Consuming the specific fat burning proteins can be an important part of achieving lasting fat loss (along with exercise if possible). In relation to these foods, there are three key ideas about nutrition to understand.


  1. The "thermic effect" of food
  2. How to boost your metabolic rate
  3. The order of macronutrients your body prefers to use

The three macronutrients of food are proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. However, the caloric cost for your body to use them significantly differs. In relation to the thermic effect of food, refined (processed) carbohydrates and fats have about a 3% rate, which means that it requires only about 3 calories for your body to use (burn) 100 calories of refined carbohydrates and fats. Some natural (unprocessed) carbs have around a 20% rate.

Proteins, however, have up to a 30% rate. So, they are considered to have a 'fat burning' effect and, hence, are often referred to as 'fat burning foods.' Moreover, some proteins are even better than others are. We can call those super-charged proteins.

So, in terms of its thermic effect, protein has twice the power because your body must work harder to process proteins than to process either fats or carbohydrates. (Drinking plenty of water helps your body do this.) Therefore, eating specific proteins can speed up your metabolism. (You can do even more if you wish to include cardio exercise and weight training).

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