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Positive motives for imperialismFrankly the only positive motives for Imperialism are self serving to the capitalists themselves. Since imperialism can be described as an evolution of capitalism through which one nation seeks or attempts to control the affairs of another economically or politically-motives can hardly be beneficial to the nation being subjected to the imperialist force. Imperialists seek to exploit Natural Resources, exploit the cheap labour, whilst repatriating profits to the mother country all under the guise of open market trade with hardly any benefit accruing to the inhabitants of the "host" nation or it's population.

Perhaps its also worthwhile considering the poem "The White Mans Burden" by Rudyard Kipling when answering this question.

The poem (possibly sarcastically), espoused some of the "official" motivations behind the behaviour of the British Empire of his era.

Essentially the theme is that more developed nations have a moral obligation to take control of less developed nations and show them how to created a "civilised" society.

While this motive is based on bias and arrogance, its intention is positive.

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Q: What are positive motives for imperialism?
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