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Ruled more of the world than anyother,biggest empire in history (the british empire)

invented 44% of the worlds inventions,things the world takes for granted, to name a force........The powerd flight/jet engine....toilets...toilet paper...radar.......rubber/tyres.....tins........trains.......underground.........hover craft.....scuba diving gear.......the list goes on and on. <----- Bull****

Home to the best elite fighting force in the world the british s.a.s, the hardest trained, most copied, most sucesfull in history with 99% sucess rate, copied by around 20 different countries, also helps train them.

Britain has never lost a major war. **Well obviously except for the revolutionary war between the colonies and Britain, but you know, no MAJOR wars. -.- I mean that war was just the war that created the United States of America.

Britain has achieved so much you can go on forever.

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Q: What are some achievements of England or Great Britain?
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He declared war in Great Britain for some time and created second national bank

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